1. W

    Need help with disabled account

    I got disabled over 2 months ago. Ive been disabled before and was always able to get my account back, however instagram changed few things and im now unable to get my account. Does anyone know any legit way?
  2. J

    I'm new I'm new I don't know what to do

    I'm just trying to figure out what this is all about. It looks interesting so far but, I am hoping to find we ays to make money as I am so disabled due to a car wreck that should have killed me. I am broke and just became homeless and am worried about what I'm going to eat or where I'm going...
  3. A

    Facebook being strict with disables lately?

    Been running FB ads for a rather shady dental product for the past 2 years with great success. Ever since the beginning of this month I've ran into accounts getting their adsmanager and all campaigns immediately disabled, although things have been working just fine before. Has anyone else ran...
  4. B

    Has anybody successfully appealed a disabled adsense account?

    Has anyone here successfully appeal a disabled adsense account, is it true that once an account has been disabled it always permanent? I have a couple of disabled accounts for invalid activity by adsense and i am thinking of recovering them.
  5. A

    Facebook Disabled Account - time for reactivation?

    Hello, yesterday my account was locked and they wanted video selfie. I made it and today they disabled the account . The account is my real personal and i appealed and send them ID and other documents. What time should i expect answers from them?
  6. J

    Can't keep a Facebook account. Please help

    Hello. I made a post on ***** asking this question, and someone responded that I use this website. I have no idea what this site is, it honestly scares me, but I'm gonna give it a try, and if I get a bunch of people telling me "THIS ISN'T THE WEBSITE TO POST THIS SHIT, RETARD!" Then I'll be on...
  7. Bugsweatbaz

    Disabled Wordpress account

    I had an backup wordpress account linked to my main one and I deleted it a while ago, but I’d like to activate it again. now I can’t get it back up nor can I find any history of it. Any way I can fix this? I really don’t want to have to create a new account Any help would be greatly appreciated
  8. D

    I have an aged IG account, created a new account...

    I keep getting my alt accounts banned. I keep creating them from different IP address and Devices, I guess the algorithms are sophisticated that they keep catching me. Well I finally caved in and connected my personal, aged account to the alt account. I am uploading the same content (Nothing...
  9. C

    How can I activate my DISABLED Instagram account?

    My Instagram account was closed due to impersonation. Please help me. Is there a new account activation form or method? (For imitation accounts)
  10. KJREDDY247@

    Unable to type anything in Alexa, Edge and Skype Search Fields

    Hi, I am using windows 10 PC. Recently i did some changes in my registry files or something when some issues occurred in my pc, i don't even remember what changes i did. I did as per some random online guide. But after that My search fields typing feature is not working seems like its disabled...
  11. Zenta

    Hello BHW, my name is Zenta, and in a serious help.

    TL;DR : Got diagnosed with schizophrenia 1 and a half year ago, cant work anymore, live on wellfare which is foodmoney. Trying to find a solid way to get 10$/day working at home. I've been lurking thorugh this site for several years, never posted, I read it because it was entertaining, I could...
  12. D

    can i recover my disabled instagram account with facebook ads live support?

    my instagram account with 164k followers was disabled over a month ago for violating TOS. I heard that you can contact facebook with ads live support chat and they can unban your account (if you get lucky) but you need to spend $100 on ads to access it. Do you guys know if that's true?
  13. E

    Need Help with my Facebook Case URGENTLY

    Over than a month ago, my Facebook account was suddenly disabled and when I tried to access it, I was told by Facebook that I was ineligible to use Facebook, so I made an appeal to reactivate my account and in fact, Facebook opened a case for my account, but by mistake, I didn't check my email...
  14. D

    How can i recover my banned account?

    my instagram account with 164k followers was disabled over 3 weeks ago for not following instagrams terms. I've appealed about 15 times with different appeal links and i keep getting the same response ''it looks like your account has been disabled. We disable accounts that don't follow our terms...
  15. The 420 Company

    Disabled Insta account, PM if you can help.

    Payment will be sent via Paypal after the account has been reactivated. PM me for details. I need this fixed fairly quickly so let me know if you can be of assistance. Thanks, Devin
  16. R

    1400 mail.ru accounts instantly disabled upon creation

    Something very strange happened just a few minutes prior. I loaded 1,500 mail.ru accounts into a popular automated account creator software (I won't include the name at the risk of harming the reputation of said program as the problem is definitely not related to the software) using proxies and...
  17. imzeus

    Guide - How to recover a banned/disabled IG account

    I see a lot of people here having trouble recovering banned/disabled accounts so here's a list of useful links you guys can use. Hopefully this helps some of you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Instagram // Reporting a violation or infringement of your rights...
  18. A

    No reply for banned account

    I have a banned account I am trying to recover. When I appeal through the app, I don’t get a response via email.. Usually within a day or two I’ll get a reply even if it says “we have disabled your account, we disable accounts that...” but in this case it has been over two months and when I...
  19. B

    IG Account Disabled By Competitor. Do I have a chance?

    My Ig page (40k real followers) was disabled after a knockoff site copied my custom products and then sent instagram Trademark infringement notices. Do I have any chance of getting it back? It seems like trademark disabled accounts are the toughest to get back. I've done all the standard...
  20. ShiningWarrior

    Just a heads up about Google

    Hi, so couple of months ago, I was trying to receive a receipt of a monitor that I purchased from a showroom in my old email id but for some weird reason, that email ID was not receiving the email from the shop. I was in front of the reception for like an hour and still, the mail didn't come. I...