12 Tips to High Converting Landing Pages

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    Hi everyone,

    I've just taken a Udemy course on landing pages and I'd like to share some tips that I found useful to me. Although this course was for landing pages for Adwords, you might be able to use these tips on your own landing pages too to increase your CPA sales.

    1. CLEAR CALL-TO-ACTION. Have a clear CTA (call to action) on your landing page. Keep it consistent. For example if you are offering a free ebook and a visitor lands on your page and sees a button that says ?Click here to download a report?, it?s not consistent because you are replacing the word ebook with report. You should call that button/link ?Click here to download an ebook?.

    2. USE RELEVANT/SPECIFIC IMAGES. If you use images on your landing page, make sure it is relevant to your service or product. For example, you might use an image of a car for a landing page that is trying to sell red cars, but you can be more specific by using an image of a red car on your landing page. Basically the image should speak to the audience. If your keyword is ?Nice red cars?, you don?t want them to land on your page and see a black car on your landing page.

    3. TALK ABOUT THEM, NOT YOU. If you are trying to sell a service, they don?t want to hear about your success, they want to hear about how you can make them successful. For example, instead of using a headline like ?This app saved me $100 a month on food.? You can use a headline that says ?This app can save you $100 a month on food.? Try using less words that talk about ?us?, ?our?, ?we? and use ?you?.

    4.BE HUMAN. Type up articles like how you would speak. If you try to sound professional by using big words, they can become disconnected with you. Just keep in mind that people buy from people, so be human. Relate to them and avoid using words your audience might not understand.

    5.USE BULLETS TO DESCRIBE YOUR SERVICE. Make it as simple as possible for a visitor to understand what you?re selling. If you have 3-5 bullet points that describe your service well, use it. Avoid lengthy paragraphs because people who browse a page usually skim through the page. If they are overwhelm by a wall of text they might just leave your page immediately. You can use numbers, arrows, etc. as bullet points.

    6.HAVE A STRONG INCENTIVE. If you are offering a $300 service, it is quite a big purchase for most people and even if your service is really good, you can increase your conversions by offering something extra to them like a free coupon if they sign up now.

    7.AVOID PERSONAL INFO ON SIGN UP. Don?t ask for their address, phone number, and other personal information during sign up process. If you want them to sign up to your service, you can ask for 2-3 things (username, password and email). Once they sign up, then you can offer the services to them and ask for payment and other information you might need like address and phone number. This way at least you?ll be able to reach out to them later via e-mail and it makes it less intimidating to them to sign up to your service.

    8.KEEP THE EYES ON THE PRIZE. Don?t add unnecessary links to your landing pages. If your goal is to have people sign up to your service, your landing page should only have links and buttons to the sign up page. You can even add the sign up form on your landing page to make it clearer. Don?t add links to contact us, about us, etc. Avoid adding your website?s navigation links on your header and footer because you don?t want to them to leave your landing page.

    9.PROVIDE SOCIAL PROOF. If people see that you have 100,000 followers on Twitter or Facebook, they don?t want to be left out of your great service that so many people have used. You can also add testimonials, endorsements, etc. You can also list the number of people who have used your service or downloaded your product.

    10.ADD TRUST AND SECURITY SEALS. This will add credibility, security and trust to your site. You can add seals such as McAfee secure, Paypal Verified, VeriSign, Truste, SSL, etc. Don?t just add them to your site, you have to register for their service and many do charge a fee. Once you have registered your site to one or more of these services, you should add the seal near your call-to-action button.

    11.MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. A money back guarantee/refund policy is one of the most powerful things you can add to your landing pages. It convinces the customer that they are not making a big mistake. That if they did make a mistake in buying your service, they can get a full or partial refund.

    12.BE CLEAR ABOUT THE PRICES. Don?t hide your prices. Be transparent about it and make it clear. If there is shipping and handling fees make it clear to them. If it?s a monthly subscription make it clear that it?s not a one-time payment. Even if your service is ridiculously expensive, it makes no sense to conceal this information to only the checkout page. Have the price listed big and clear.
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    Thank you, some awesome tips here! It'a all about keeping it simple and transparent.
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    Thanks, It will help me a lot when i will launch my eCommerce site too.