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    Want to Get Inspiration for Your Landing Pages?

    Landingfolio can help you with some great ideas, templates, and resources for your next landing page design. It has got more than 1900 designs and you can also browse through them component-wise. You can have a look whenever you want to get some quick ideas. Source:
  2. T

    Lessons from roasting 200+ landing pages

    In the last twelve months, Olivier Meakings tried to address this question for over 200 startups. Not only did he help these companies make much more money, he also learned a lot about high-converting landing pages. And here are some of the lessons: Focus on one idea: This is a basic...
  3. kuskka

    2x Free Landing Pages (HTML, CSS & JS)

    Hello BHW Community, Here is a freebie of two landing pages for marketing. Very easy to use and customize, fully responsive (works in mobile, tablet and desktop) and very focused in conversion. This template was tested in many different campaigns and is proven to convert well. All you have...
  4. gentishady

    [Q] What landing pages convert the best for Clickbank ? ( insert examples )

    Helloo BHW fam ✌️ ! What's up guys ? Happy Friday how the week went for you? I've researched some landing pages in my niche that I'm going in but idk what to choose. I know that I need to test different kinds but there are some that already convert well that some of you that make sales daily...
  5. D

    Which one is Best for Lead Generation Landing Pages: Thrive Themese OR Landingi

    Looking for a website builder to generate business leads. Which one is Best: Thrive Themese OR Landingi Apart from Converting landing pages, I am also looking for email integration options. Please share your experience
  6. C


    Hi Guys, please, am looking for a hosting service that is free or affordable, and does not suspend cpa landing pages easily that i can use to host my cpa landing pages. my cpa landing pages are greyhat and blackhat offers Whats your thoughts on purelander builder and hosting with amazon s3...
  7. m3dUSed

    Convert image to HTML

    Create your website in minutes You may find this free service useful for your IM projects.
  8. EternalFun

    ClickFunnels cheaper alternative?

    Hi, what would be the cheap alternative way to build landing pages like clickfunnels?
  9. bigboyporax

    Dropshipping landing page

    I've got a store an over 200-300 clicks from google daily. Was wondering how to get sales on my products. Is it better to send the traffic to each product specifically? For now I have all of the products in one ad group. users land in the general store front.
  10. Bajanman

    6 Guaranteed Ways to Increase Conversion Rates!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    6 Guaranteed Ways to Reduce Barriers to Conversion 1. Shorten Your Lead-Capture Forms If you are thinking that 20-field form on your landing page might be killing your lead generations……guess what? You’re right!! A ridiculously long lead capture form is one of the surest ways to guarantee...
  11. Bajanman

    LANDING PAGES---EXPLAINED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How landing pages can drive traffic to your website? If you’re looking to generate more leads and customers from your site, then landing pages can be your best friend. This type of page is specifically designed to make it easy for you to acquire more leads and it’s always focused on value and...
  12. Bajanman

    6 Pro Tips for Creating High Converting Landing Pages

    Hi everyone! This is my first ever post of substance. I truly hope that some of you find this useful. I am a digital marketing and corporate branding professional from Toronto with 15 years of experience and I have quite alot to share if you find it useful. Please leave a comment so I know...
  13. Houdinii

    [GET] Adplexity Push Spy Tool (WHILE IN BETA)

    I just got an e-mail from Adplexity today offering to free access to their new push spy tool. I don't have a lot of experience with ad buying, push notifications, etc. so the tool itself made my eyes cross, but it seems like an invaluable tool for those in the field. They also offer downloads of...
  14. Animation_Videos

    Best Landing Page builder!

    Hello guys, which software do you use for building your cpa landing pages?? Please recommend some tools/sites that can create Desktop/mobile responsive landing pages and also, we would be able to download it..(I have been using purelander but it's not good. )
  15. Roger Marquez

    Landing Page

    Is there a landing page services that offers a free plan (not a free trial) to create as many landing pages as i want untill i hit X number of visits or something like that?
  16. ShiningWarrior

    Getting and Setting Landing Pages - The FREE Way?

    Hey, I have thought of these things: 1) I'm thinking to extract landing pages using HTTrack and then using those after making necessary edits. Now, after ripping those landing pages, how do I use it? I want to add my custom domain and such and don't know how I can actually use these landing...
  17. M

    CPA networks that also provide landing pages? (other than CPAbuild)

    Anyone know of any?
  18. X

    Anyone tried Online Sales Pro?

    Been seeing this promoted pretty hard over the past week or so. The current lifetime offer looks tempting, but haven't dug into any potential upsells and such. Is anyone a member of the program? Is it good for selling any type of product? It almost feels like an MLM program where you try to...
  19. M

    how to edit an existing landing page

    Hi guys I wanna start my journey with cpa and I found a landing page on my niche but I dont know how to edit it p.s: the LP not of mine thanks
  20. jeffro89

    Yet another landing page question

    Does duplicate content matter on PPC landing pages ? Trying to construct a landing page for an offer and i just need to know whether duplicate content will cause my add to be downgraded ?