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    Is Penguin 3.1 live ?

    it all came back today after droping 2 - 3 days ago.
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    Negative SEO without links is possible! Case study

    I think you may find it interesting - I've managed to negative SEO my own website and nuke my own rankings. I've observed with 2 of my clients so threat is real. Did you ever had any similar cases?
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    Is Penguin 3.1 live ?

    There was one discussion here about that already: There is a lot of movement in rankings today. Sites that jump in rankings are mostly Penguin 3.0 sites. I...
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    My penguin 3.0 effected site has now resurfaced onto the front page

    MOD EDIT: Link Removed. Just mentioned this thread in my blog post. It seems like Penguin 3.1 just rolled out
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    Penguin 3.0 - first analysis - looking for interesting cases

    Sorry Whocares24, I don't quite understand you :/
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    Penguin 3.0 - first analysis - looking for interesting cases

    I wrote just a quick Penguin 3.0 summary here What is interesting, Penguin 3.0 still is susceptible to Negative SEO attacks. I am helping out some negative SEO victims (some of u may know Kumar and his directories) and some of the websites were...
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    Another tutorial about ScrapeBox for white hat SEO

    If you guys are doing a lot of link processing, or any work that requires some help from the "black force", there is another tutorial about ScrapeBox for white hat SEO. I think it is quite popular topic recently: TLDR Link processing...
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    5 most important seo factors in order

    ad. 2 - here is a good post connecting most of this stuff together -
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    [Tutorial] How to create right link building strategy ?

    I think you may find it quite interesting. How to create right link building strategy. Tutorial is based on on-page structure and is showing best practices to merge off-page and on-page efforts...
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    guideline of the wikipedia to post an article there

    It is quite complicated. You will definitely not get a link if you won't document e.g. being in few press articles etc. There are companies doing Wikipedia articles for $ I would start with them
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    Getting more links out of Google Webmaster Tools

    I don't know if there are many people here doing link audits ;) If so, that is a super easy technique to get more links from your Google Webmaster Tools account TL;DR If you got domains with subfolders...
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    I have my competitors' backlinks... now what?

    This is a White Hat SEO part of this forum :) Depending on where are the links from, it would be a good idea to outreach those people linking to your competition and for example create some good content for them. There are tons of options, but commenting is definitely a 2009 solution...
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    Best platform/script for an e-commerce site?

    I would go with Magento. I think it is most popular, there are many themes available and I would say that it will be quite easy to find a Magento Developer
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    5 most important seo factors in order

    1. Spotless on-page SEO 2. spotless navigation 3. backlinks from niche related places 4. cool content 5. Nice design
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    ScrapeBox for White Hat SEO [Tutorial]

    Wow, it is really nice to see such a warm response to that guys! :)