youtube optimization

  1. thevideoguy

    YouTube's next algorithm update will weigh sidebar rank position to reduce 'implicit bias'

    Source (technologyreview): Here's the full paper from Google: How you can take advantage of this update: There aren't too many ways in which this kind of update can be...
  2. AkaiOkami

    How to optimize youtube channel for more video views?

    I created an educational channel for SEO's on youtube and wondering if I can hit 20,000 views before the end of March. Any tips on how I can optimize my channel or if there are some free tools I can use to gain youtube views.
  3. IndiBoy

    How Do I Get Views on My Youtube Videos?

    Hi everyone, After being on BHW for quite sometime, finally I am ready to take my first step in IM. Whatever I have learnt in IM, is all due to BHW community. Thank you for entertaining my pestering questions all this while. I am trying to explore a niche on youtube. I have the content ready...
  4. darkreaction

    Request sticky for common YT SEO, WH and BH tactics

    Folks (mods)? Instead of searching this forum endlessly for ideas for optimization, could a sticky be setup? There are a lot of common YT things that could be posted that are being asked repeatedly. The thread should be for standard practice YT optimization and SEO - ASSUMING you have a...
  5. darkreaction

    1,000,000 YT views a month but doing something wrong (help)

    Hey BHW, I am an owner of (several) YT channels but one in particular is doing really well with 1-3 viral videos. The channel has some 50 million views and 30,000 subs and 900,000-1 mil monthly views, yet I am only grossing ~650$ a month. The ad rev of course declines this time of year but I...
  6. B

    Youtube Channel keeps on getting deleted trying to edit description and title on youtube v

    HI Guys, I need help guys. My youtube channel keeps on getting deleted where I have about 400 videos and I am changing the description on each of the videos and the titles. I am coming from the same country ip address block, not exactly the same ip but the ip block. I am trying to edit the...
  7. popzzz

    [GET] Project X Tube - WSO 752628

    Project X Tube - WSO 752628 And so on so on so forth and blah, blah, blah ..... ..... popzzz ~ WARNING: The file(s) you need for this share are EXACTLY named: "Project.X.Tube.WSO.752628.rar" Do NOT download ANYTHING other than these files...
  8. L

    [GET] Chroma Key Profits - Create Outrageous Profits With This Under The Radar System

    Hey everyone, This a detailed report on how to make pro videos and profit from them - ranking highly on youtube included :) Virus Total...
  9. LongBanana

    YouTube Start Up & Optimization Guide

    YouTube is one of the simplest things to use and yet, many people don't realize how to optimize videos appropriately. First off, when picking a title for your video, be sure to research your keyword in BOTH Google and YouTube. There are many times when your YouTube video can end up ranking high...
  10. megaplex

    YouTube's NEW Pay Per Click advertising solution

    YouTube announced their new Pay Per Click advertising solution and I've made a pictorial walk through of the system for you to take a peek at. This, my friends, is HUGE! YouTube is the #2 search engine out there and the #3 most visited website in the world. To reach that audience on a...
  11. P

    Youtube Optimization

    I am new to this forum, but but have been doing IM for several months This is a two fold post. 1. A couple months back I was able to get my youtube videos on the first page of youtube (keyword serach) within a single day. At one point I had 8 of my videos on the first page (total of...
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