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  1. S

    A question for YouTube experts

    Hey guys! I started my Cash Cow journey back in september this year. Things are going pretty good, averaging around 2k views per video which is just alright for someone who's beginning However, I got a question. My channel is a pre-monetized one, with botted views (only for the first 4 videos...
  2. S

    How to get more impressions on youtube?

    Hello everyone! Started my youtube automation journey last month, uploaded 11 videos so far, got 180 organic views in total (90% from search) I got a team of experienced people that have worked in my niche before, and I can say that my videos are in much higher quality than other competitors...
  3. S

    Do you believe in competition or saturation when talking about YouTube Automation?

    Literally the title. It seems like it is so hard to get views these days to a cash cow channels because every niche/sub-niche is heavily touched by a lot of people. Maybe I am wrong and I am saying this because of my lack of experience, but I want to start a cash cow channel this year and I've...
  4. C

    Can youtube shorts be monetized with content ID ?

    Hi , I’m glad to be back on the forum . I had personnal problems in my life . I don’t know about the new ways of making money of youtube . But I was wondering if I could earn money claiming songs that I own the rights on shorts ? Wouldn’t be great ?
  5. C


    That’s crazy , my friend just showed me that he successfully monetized his channel where he posts instagram/reddit/twitter videos ( monetized since october ) . He just put an Intro and a watermark along the video .He applied 3 times in 1 year and got rejected but somehow reapplied again (4th...
  6. C


    [ Sorry for my bad english : / I hope you'll understand me ] Hi , I need your help . Basically I'm investigating on a "secret trick" that can make channels with only 1k subs get 1 million views on one their videos in less that a month ! How I discovered this method ? Basically I used to have...
  7. ThatguyCT

    I need professional YT advice - is my channel worth keeping or is it a lost cause?

    Hi guys, as it says in the title of this thread, I urgently need advice from the YouTube Gurus of BHW. This is my issue: I bought a channel at the beginning of the year with 4k subs and more than enough watch time so that I could start monetizing in an instant after taking over and rebranding...
  8. theD2

    [Journey] Goal to 1K Subs + 4000 hours Watchtime - Youtube

    Hi, Lets start from 2010 -------- i started making money from adfly, Blacklabelads etc by putting links and ads on blogspots and started with Neobux and other 5-6 PTC sites etc as well. 2013 -------- I made $5500+ total money from Sharecash (now site is dead, dont try) by hosting my own...
  9. pipopi

    Should I quit my 45k subs channel? But I haven't reached by goal yet im burned out

    So, I'm having around 45k subs on my channel. In that only 300-500 of them are active. Also, I'm making $300 on average. Niche: Tutorials My Main Goal: 100K Subs (almost halfway there) Secondary Goal: Increase my earnings It took me 2 years to reach this level. But since the past few...
  10. TomV

    How to make money with a big compilation channel

    Hey BHW, I have a compilation channel that gets around 300.000 views a day and I make some money with affiliate. Now I was thinking if I should try something different like promoting apps CPA or so when the kids are bored. Do you have some ideas?
  11. vedeus

    How much $ Youtube question

    I have this simple questions about YT. Let's say for example you'll get 4$ for each 1000 views on youtube from adsense. 1 Channel - 1 Video with 100 000 views = 400$ 2 Channel - 100 videos with 1000 views each = 400$ What I'm asking is that if it makes a difference in earnings if you have 1...
  12. blackbrut

    [Method] High Quality & Unique Content for Ridiculous Price (0.3$/500words)

    Hello guys, I want to share a method I used with success in the past to get good quality text content from videos, very easily and for a little price. There are countless possibilities to monetize it and it's just about your imagination. I don't use this stuff anymore so I am willing to share...
  13. AdrianRM133

    One video on my youtube channel

    Hi guys, Can you make money on youtube if you have only 1 video and invest in backlinks, seo, thumbnail, and let s say already have 100k Views? I mean with all of that if I get 10k views every week I m still paid for that no? Or youtube doesn't work like that? somebody who already did that can...
  14. EternalFun

    These Ranking Softwares SAFE?

    Video express, ytrankanalyzer, videosniperpro, tubekat are all softwares that says can rank youtube videos quickly and costS a good amount. So, are these softwares SAFE in any way? Does it violates youtube policy? Any of you have any experience with such things?
  15. PowerKnipser

    Monetize from YouTube without ads enabled?

    Hey guys, let's get a little creative: What are your ideas on how to monetize from a <1000 Subscriber youtube channel? I think there must be more than just putting affiliate links in descriptions. How can one juice every penny out of a non-monetized channel??
  16. EternalFun

    AdSense money per day/month according to Social Blade?

    Hello, I'm trying to understand social blade data and I heard that the estimates are generally in between or could be above as it depends on the CPM? Screenshot - This channel according to Social Blade is making daily over $11k - $13k and averages daily around $12.1k and...
  17. Iron Sheik

    How To Monetize 500K YouTube Views (18-27 year olds from Turkey)

    Hey Black Hat World, I have a YouTube account that consists of high quality videos and of me doing blogs about places that I have traveled to and me doing random social experiments in public that are related to Turkish people. For example, I may ask random Americans what they think of Turkish...
  18. S

    Earning More Than $1000 A Month Using Youtube

    What Kinds Of Videos Should I Make To Earn More Than $1000 Per Month And Alot Of Views On Youtube? Can Any One Give Some New Video Tips or New Ideas?
  19. Tatu kh

    I have 2k Subscriber on my Anime Youtube Channel So. How can I earn Money from my channel

    Hello BHW, This is my Second Post on BHW. My first Post didn't receive any comment. I have a Youtube Channel on Anime. Its has more than 2k Subscriber. Some of my friend suggest me that I should Sign up for Google adsense. But all the video are anime clip so, I am not the copyright Owner. And...
  20. Y

    Youtube Monetisation approval

    hey guys so back in 2014 i used to post random videos on my secondary channel , but last year i was chocked that one of my videos (lyrics video) went over 5 million views but couldn't monetise it because COPYRIGHT obviously , i tried removing the sound but since its over 500K its impossible to...
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