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  1. P

    Best SEO for promoting a YouTube channel.

    Hey, I've used AI chat for this aswell, but would like a human opinion on this topic. Regarding tags (video's and channel), channel description, video description (shorts aswell), video titles and upload time. How many tags for example would be good, what things should be in the description...
  2. SergeSniper

    How to add sensitive KW like "SEX" to youTube video Title, Description and not get banned?

    Intro: my client is making videos on psy topics and one of the most interesting one is "sex in relationships", "sexologiy", "sex advices"... The questions are: How to add sensitive KW like "SEX" to youTube video Title, Description and not get banned? What are the risks? Is there any other...
  3. H

    How to make money by publishing freestyle rap compilations on Youtube?

    Me and my friend are really passionate about freestyle rapping. So, we want to create freestyle rap compilations and other related stuff to youtube. Probably gonna launch a website around this niche. Because these original videos are created by others, there is no possibility to use Youtube...
  4. player020220


    Good morning, recently I was testing to broadcast radio on YouTube, in the indie rock genre due to personal tastes, but when I did, YouTube lowered the broadcast due to "copyright" even though I put the same songs from another YouTube channel called "indie playlist" The point is because they...
  5. bonohack

    " Increase Youtube Revune Bot ? "

    I am interested in using the Dolar Click Bot to increase my YouTube views, subscribers, and likes, as well as my revenue. I have seen many people share screenshots of increased revenue in many facebook groups and claiming that they have used this program. However, I have a few questions before I...
  6. M

    Promoting content on Youtube

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum, but I see very good people and interesting topics here. I started a YouTube channel - about different quotes from famous people, and I've been posting videos every day for about a month now. But for some reason they...

    Youtube Cash Cow Channel / Youtube automation Channel

    Hi friends, 1 month ago I started a Cash Cow Channel (youtube automation Channel) in the Top 10/ Luxury, cars, yachts, celebrities, Elon Musk, rich people, etc niche. I bought everything from Upwork, as it has the cheapest workers in my opinion. I paid 15$ for a 1500k words script (10 minutes)...

    2000$/day blackhat UPDATE- Channel demonetized

    hi everyone, I recently started 2 youtube channels with uploading VIdeos in the finance niche(Make money online). Similar to videos from "Whiteboard Crypto" "Graham Steppan" and "The swedish investor". I talked about the 2000$/day blackhat idea in this discussion...
  9. AlbertTZ11

    Can someone help me with Youtube + cpa???

    Hi, My name is Albert, and I'm 17 years old. At the beginning of the year I heard of CPA Marketing. And for about 4 months I'm still trying to earn money from cpa. It's just that it's too hard. I tried almost all traffic methods for cpa but to no avail. For a month all try Youtube + cpa I heard...
  10. wantviews

    Youtube Playlist Method Question

    Hello guys! So, i know for a fact and seen it first hand that one can rank a youtube video by making youtube playlists, stuffing them with popular videos with the same keyword and putting your video on top. No explicit/porn pics needed. What you can see as a fingerprint of that method is - many...
  11. R

    DON'T SKIP PLEASE (I need Help)

    Good day everyone here seeing this post, I'm writing this tears in my eyes and a broken heart because iv writing something like this for not too long and nobody cares about it. It's so painful to come from a country that is not doing well. I'm from Nigeria and here things are not the way they...
  12. wantviews

    Youtube Playlist Method question.

    hey everyone, i have a question about playlist method of getting into recommended/search views by adding your video in a playlist with multiple popular videos. I seen it work, because i know people who successfully do that as of now. I had a few questions however.. I make videos in a high comp 3...
  13. k1z4

    Brand New vs Aged YouTube account with videos on it

    Yo guys, I was wondering what's better solution in terms of SEO... If I use aged youtube account with 1000+ subscribers and some videos on it (which I would set as unlisted/private since the niche would be different from the niche currently on the channel) or simply to create a brand new channel...
  14. S

    View Bot YT For Free?

    does anyone have a cracked youtube view bot for me for free
  15. S

    Youtube Seo Tool

    can someone make a private youtube view bot for me where i can get millions of views I am able to pay Markerting Tools Attention I want to ask around first
  16. Rajguru

    Review V/s Reviews

    Which word is Right ? Review V/s Reviews Please suggest me for Review You Tube Channel ( I want to create Youtube Channel)
  17. LEETopsec

    I need HELP Creating a Youtube Account

    Hey guys I am trying to create a youtube/google account but it keeps asking me for my phone number . Is there any solution for this ?
  18. M0805

    I got stuck on this number...

    Any method for gaining subs and watch hours? I am stucked at this number and can't get more subscribers and watch hours? I would be grateful if you would tell me some methods for gaining subs and views. Thank you.
  19. A


    Hello i want my video to rank on youtube ad want 5000 subscribers and 5000 likes on my video .
  20. appletheprod

    How to get more organic views to a non-specified niche Youtube Channel?

    Hi guys, I'm working on a youtube channel to upload my own music on. And i'm wondering that how can i have more organic views for these videos. Is there anyway to optimize and boosting it up? I will try to use some SMM Panel but what is the risk and reward for using those services? My youtube...
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