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  1. sageshark

    [Question] Which YouTube SEO Tool are You Using?

    Hi BHW friends, there are tools like TubeBuddy and VidIQ that help with SEO for You Tube. Are you using any of them? Or are you using any other tool like them? If yes then why and are you happy with their performance?
  2. inclaminated

    You tube copyright and identical videos

    I am new to Youtube and starting a channel. I dont understand you tubes copyrights with identical videos. As an example niche "fails". Many people post the same fails and the videos have been on there for years. Sometimes they are included in compilations. Sometimes there are unique voice overs...
  3. inclaminated

    What is the best video plugin for embedding?

    I've been trying a lot of wordpress plugins the past week, what is the forums consensus on the best embed video plugin? I want to hide you tubes suggested adds but also be able to embed any sites vids. Lazy loading would be cool as speed is important along with an instant thumbnail for vids...
  4. J

    make money you tube

    hi guys i found new method to earn money on you tube .this methd will help to earn 100$ a day please check it Virtually every 'Make Money Online' course, ebook, website, blog, etc. will explain the goal of internet marketing is to have a system that will make you money on autopilot. find a...
  5. ingenious00

    Non drop likes and dislikes YouTube SMM Panel

    Hi dear users, im looking for non drop likes and dislikes for youtube, any panel online offer that service but their drop in max 24 hours, someone know good likes and dislikes non drop providers or panel? Waiting feedback, thanks at all :)
  6. J

    Targeted You Tube Views - Australia and USA

    I need targeted YT views from both Australia and USA.
  7. J

    Need cloaked traffic from my YT page to website

    I approx to drive approx 5-10k in cloaked traffic to my site each day and they need to come from my YT page.
  8. J

    Custom Bot Required :

    I require a bot that will send significant traffic via my You Tube page and onto a site where they will sign up and engage in games on the site.
  9. HCA

    Trouble finding reliable HR You tube views and subs

    I am a noob here. I stalked the site as a lurker for many years and made a few orders over the year s, many YT and FB however I am a noob as a forum member/poster here. I would always just lurk previously. Anyway lately as a lurker i found it difficult to find a provider selling HR Youtube...
  10. saaqib

    reddit/ youtube short experience

    hi so I have a new youtube channel..I added approx 11 video..the theme is top 5 etc. I read that reddit does very well for youtube I used a month old reddit account with maybe 10 karma.. daily I put 2 links of various subreddit per day for a if today I published my YT...
  11. johnny4k

    very interesting type of promoting CPA offer

    Hey Everyone first of all HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018 Yesterday very strange thing happened I received mail from YOUTUBE, stating that you became moderator for unknown channel( I have 2-3 channels) and won iphone 7 and iphone 8 plus , FIrst, i thought it is just marketing tactic from a smart guy, so...
  12. johnny4k

    White Board animation software needed

    Hey wassup everyone, I am looking for white board video animation maker, I think some one posted here but I couldn't find that post, it would be great if they share the link and one more thing can you tell me free voice-over website or bot for making you tube videos Thanks in...
  13. The Curator

    New Blockchain Site to Compete with Youtube: Steemit

    I was reading about a ton of alternative media channels on YouTube getting shut down, and as I was inwardly raging about the blatant censorship on the site, I read with the article there's a new contender to YouTube: Steemit You can post, comment, and receive money via...
  14. A

    Cheapest YouTube Smm Panel?

    Hi, I need someone that provide good views but at a cheap rate. We will be ordering for over 200 videos. - Must be good views - MUST be safe... not shut down channel - Videos ARE NOT monetised - Must be good retention - Must be cheap Please contact ASAP. Thank you
  15. johnny4k

    how to use shutter stock video in you tube?

    HEy guys how to download freely shutter stock videos for using in you tube Wil I get copyright stike if we use the videos Can you name any site or not Much appreciated
  16. Pawlaka

    Traffic form YT description

    Hello :) I want to pay channels on You Tube to promote my affiliate link by adding it to the description. What do You think?
  17. yama

    [ask] youtube mass upload still works?

    Does youtube mass upload still works to get traffic? i have try on few days to get traffic by use this method. But i think its still hard to get fast ranking right now.. maybe any tips or idea suggest to get fast rank again
  18. HoZoBoRoLo

    YouTube better niche slection

    Hello YouTube Marketer... I want create a channel but i can't think which niche will be better ... Need suggestion and instruction how to start... Thank you
  19. johnny4k

    you tube voice over bot

    Hi i am into You tube, i am using my own voice for the videos, but i just came across some videos n which their is a female voice using bots , can any one suggest me where can i get those bot of female voice over for free. I tried some apps in playstore but they are having some time limit.
  20. johnny4k

    Best free animations software for youtube

    Any one have idea for creating animation videos for you tube and social media for free, I tried videoscribe and powtoon . And last but not least what is the best voice over software. For making YT videos, I have seen some bots read the script for YT video . I tried some but not that effective...
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