Trouble finding reliable HR You tube views and subs

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Apr 9, 2018
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I am a noob here. I stalked the site as a lurker for many years and made a few orders over the year s, many YT and FB however I am a noob as a forum member/poster here. I would always just lurk previously.

Anyway lately as a lurker i found it difficult to find a provider selling HR Youtube views at the prices I am used to paying 0.50c per 1000 views. I want to make an order of 100k views and 500+ subs (regular buyer but need find a steady and reliable provider). But I cannot find a good seller in the marketplace.

I found one that had what I wanted I think the name was "Insta" HOWEVER when I click it redirects me to a website whereby i need sign up and need be a member of BHW for atleast 3 months and have atleast 50 posts -_- how annoying.. geez how hard is it. Any good YT providers out there or is this now all too hard??
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