1. LuckyGirl9334

    Does anyone do yoga or meditation before they start work?

    I'm just wondering because I think I may start if it works for you all.
  2. P


    Do you know any CPA network which has offers like online courses about health, EBOOKS, APPS, Yoga Stuff, Workout or even some products and accepts newbies and starters?! Please lemme know if you know any...
  3. J

    Business Partners/Affiliates to Supply Yoga Retreat Sign Ups

    Hi, I am posting this request to see if there are any individuals currently working in the Yoga retreat. I am looking for people who regularly practice Yoga to sign up for Yoga/Meditation and Sober retreats definitely in Greece and maybe Asia/Ibiza/Cape Verde. This is a start up situation and...
  4. M

    Does yoga is very helpful to get a health life?

    Today hectic and stressed life is giving so many health problem even to the youth. They opt for energy supplements where the y should not. They should go for yoga. Yoga is doing miracles...
  5. I

    Grow account without follow/auto follow

    Hey All, I am new here and not sure of the rules so I wont post my IG handle. (although it might be good for reference). I have a "real" account. I am not trying to monetize it ...yet anyway. I have been trying to grow my account (using instagresS) but i have just enabled likes (no comments or...
  6. I

    Need help with online classes!!

    Hello everyone, I have got around 1000 subscribers on Udemy, approx 100 reviews, got a mailing list of to which I send mails when I upload a new course or video, the price for my courses is very low, not more than $40 but I am not getting buyers, when I offer something free I get a lot of...