xrumer service

  1. sageman

    WTF happened to quality service?!

    seriously, like the title says, is reliable service and support going out of style? is this process that once used to be and integral part of business 101 now a lost art? are my expectations unrealistic? i have paid for two copies of xrumer, installed them on two seriously decked up machines...
  2. N

    Xrumer Novice

    1. Does xrumer giving you just profile links or links like you buy from most website which they put your anchor into the footer or side or somewhere in the site? 2. Does anyone can give me sample of the links from XRUMER? from what i understand Xrumer only blast to forums and post as...
  3. U

    Need Xrumer Blast on established site[Monthly]

    Hello friends, I'm looking for someone who can provide regualr xrumer blast to my website. I need an experience Xrumer expert as I need backlinks for my main website. No need to go for big blast with many links. Kindly PM me your detail along with your email address as I won't be able to PM u...
  4. A

    Is Xrumer-seo.com a scam?

    Hey all, I ordered an Xrumer blast from h**p:// xrumer-seo.c*m two weeks ago and they answered my e-mails until they had my money, now they don't reply to my e-mails and I haven't found a single new backlink. Does anyone else have bad experience with this service? The money I lost is not a big...
  5. S

    Powerful xRumer Service Free Scraped Targeted Lists PR 3-9

    Quickflash (25 USD | 26 CAD | 19 EUR | 16 GBP | 2132 JPY) 200K posts. Usually posting success rates are around 10%, 20-30% if you are smart enough to get a targeted list of forums scraped and spin your posts titles and messages. That?s around 20,000-60,000. You will still see good results if...
  6. D

    Professional xrumer service - 10 thousand verified and valid forum backlinks!

    Get massive amount of backlinks, better search engine rankings & hundreds, even thousands visitors a day. Main benefits of using this xrumer service: As many as 10 thousand verified forum posts What does ‘verified post' mean? After posting I will run software to search for your...
  7. boiler

    Xrumer Forum Blasts Service With PR sorted

    Let me begin with no hype and sales page because i'm not good at make sales page :) You probably know what xrumer is and things it can achieve for your search engine rankings. At any point of time you are welcome to ask me any questions you might have about xrumer or my service. I'm are here...
  8. crack_dhat

    [TRADE] xrumer blasting service for zlinks database

    Good day! I need a xrumer zlinks database (100,000 and up) and in exchange, I will provide a blasting service for you (You will get a blast from the zlinks database that you will provide). If anyone of you happens to possess a zlinks database but doesn't have access to the xrumer software, just...
  9. thesilent

    ######Professional and affordable xrumer service. Comprehensive packages.#####

    MODERATOR NOTE: Per the announcement I made on July 17, 2015, I am now closing this thread. After the OP has renewed his/her Jr. VIP membership, he/she may contact a moderator to re-open this thread. Thank You - "Wiz" Are you: 1. Frustrated that your competitor still outranks you...
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