Is a scam?


Aug 30, 2010
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Hey all,

I ordered an Xrumer blast from h**p:// xrumer-seo.c*m two weeks ago and they answered my e-mails until they had my money, now they don't reply to my e-mails and I haven't found a single new backlink.

Does anyone else have bad experience with this service? The money I lost is not a big deal but it just makes me really pissed that there are these kind of crooks and thieves on the market.
thats a real shame, i'm ordering xrumer 7 today, the website looks hella shady and it's making me a little uneasy, fingers crossed!
it is scam, my friend ordered the list service, the owner never email him any updated linkslist, my friend emails him many times and there is no reply.
I use this guy from BHW


usually 2-3 day turnaround, once it was longer but that was near Xmas.

Everytime I've used him I've seen rankings improve soon after.

I've used the service about 10 times now and will again

he overdelivers by about 40%.

I checked the links the first couple of times and about 90% were there - I don't even bother checking any more.

The thread has about 2100 replies and the only negatives were obviously written by idiots

Ad he's an aussie, so he comes from the best damn country in the world!
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