1. N

    Seeking Advice on Blackhat Software and Techniques for Traffic and Ranking Boost - 2023 Update

    Hello fellow BlackHatWorld members, I hope everyone is doing well. I come to you today seeking some insights and recommendations regarding blackhat software that can effectively increase traffic and improve the ranking of money sites in 2023. As we all know, the online landscape is constantly...
  2. olo555

    how set up xrumer only urls anchor ?

    HI, i would like to link 100 pages with xrumer (blog comments). Is it possible to set the nickname to be the website address used in the homepage section?
  3. M

    Niche Relevant Forum Post Blast

    As the title says, I want to buy forum post blast relevant to my niche. The goal of the blast is to drive traffic to my grey-hat store. Contact me on Telegram: @Free_english_247
  4. olo555

    What is Your opinion about Strong AI Xrumer 23 ?

    Hello, are any of you using the latest strong ai xrumer 23 ? What are your opinions and differences from the previous version
  5. ZillaRank

    xrumer database - profiles vs posting - what is the difference?

    xrumer has a few link database files, what is the difference between them?
  6. Turbo B.

    Do not use WEBSHARE.IO for your SEO tools

    Earlier I recommended this service in several threads. I am taking my words back. I was using webshare.io for some time with GSA SER. One day they contacted me asking for the purposes I am using their service. I clearly answered - for GSA. The answer - thanks, everything is OK. Two weeks later...
  7. netfiretec

    DataFastProxies.com | Definitive Solution in IPv6 Proxy | IPv6 Proxy for XEvil + XRumer | IPv6 Proxy to Solve Google reCAPTCHA!

    PROXY IPV6 WEEKLY PLAN PROXY IPV6 DAILY PLAN GEOGRAPHICALLY LOCATED IPV6 PROXY WHAT CAN I ACCESS WITH PROXY IPv6? You can access with IPv6 Proxy, any Site that has IPv6 connectivity. DO I NEED IPv6 CONNECTIVITY TO USE IPv6 PROXIES? The Proxies Server is an IPv4 server (End point)...
  8. olo555

    Looking proxies for Xevil

    Hi im looking good and cheap proxies for xevil to resolve recaptchas :)
  9. Jetstars

    Long time lurker, first time poster

    Hi all, I have been a member for a while and gathering good info from some members (thank you) and watching interesting discussions. Haven't felt the need to post until now. I have a been an internet marketer since 2008 with a number of successful ventures under my belt. Launching a new...
  10. D

    Looking for link building software: use URL only

    Many freelancers from SEOclerk.com & Fiverr.com provide services to increase DA, DR, UR, TF. They just need domains or URLs, no keywords. I tried some, they did finish their jobs, and increased DA/DR/UR/TF. My website also got ranking keywords and organic traffic. Can somebody tell me, 1...
  11. M

    PBN, Guest Post or social signals and which seller you recommend?

    I have a web 2.0 page, more or less like etsy. It's a product display page. I managed to get that page indexed on Google which of the following backlink service I should use on my web 2.0 page to push my rank? Would a a bunch of social signals be good enough? Or should I use PBN or guest...
  12. M

    PBN, Guest Post or social signals and which seller you recommend?

    I have a web 2.0 page, more or less like etsy. It's a product display page. I managed to get that page indexed on Google (Using paid service on Fiverr and the seller claims that he does not use any backlinks to get Google crawlers to crawl my page) (Extra: I used a paid service cause basically...
  13. Arontus

    Does Xrumer post to warez sites?

    I am looking for a software that could post to warez forums or just forums. For example i have a list of 20 forums i post daily, i want to automate this, any suggestions? is Xrumer capable of doing that? TIA
  14. resistosai111

    Rankerx Xrumer Gsa Search ranker Xevil and Kontent Machine I have

    Hey Everyone I am looking for someone that would know about the working strategy and work with me If he has some idea to use all these tools installed on my vps. Without Wasting time I wish to start work together and take the advantage from all these seo tools. I am old bhw member but i was...
  15. A

    ScrapeBox, XRumer or ThemaPoster ?

    Hi folks :) I want to make some beermoney by sharing some PDF (behind a paid shorten link) on forums and others community websites. I spot 35 forums to do this (not here !) but I don't want to share the links, one by one, forum by forum, manually. I search some tools do the job : -...
  16. resistosai111

    Back to work

    Hi Everyone Upgraded to Jrvip Yesterday and I am willing to start Service on BHW. I have some tools like xrumer,rankerx gsa search ranker and kontent machine. Is there anyone that could help and have a good strategy that could convert well. Only serious person can contact. That should provide...
  17. R

    A good forum for running and publishing your links.

    Open forum for posting your links, articles -- rutor.us
  18. Bigcookies

    Scrape Box XRumer

    I bought scrape box and Xrumer a long time ago and I haven't used either of them does anyone still use them (I know this is the white hat section and xrumer is black hat but as we all know xrumer comes with xevil) and if so how? I heard that the blog posting function on Scrapebox was bad and you...
  19. G

    Looking for Xrumer pro

    Looking for a xrumer professional for a forrm filling project (not link building!)
  20. KJREDDY247@

    Anyone bought XEVIL??? I am Confused - XRUMMER + XEVIL Subscription Pricing details...

    I need xevil but all i can see the below pricing option So, it will be a single option like XRumer + XEvil + Hrefer + SocPlugin = 400$ for 5 installs + 10$ in addition every month is that 10$ mandatory on every month or only for the months that we want to use them? i mean can we stop using...
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