Need Xrumer Blast on established site[Monthly]


Oct 19, 2010
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Hello friends,

I'm looking for someone who can provide regualr xrumer blast to my website. I need an experience Xrumer expert as I need backlinks for my main website. No need to go for big blast with many links.

Kindly PM me your detail along with your email address as I won't be able to PM u (for now. new user)
WTF bloody hell. 20 people offering this service on services section.
You need to be banned, idiot.
Sorry for the trouble. Mind your language buddy. I'm new to this forum.

It is a sticky WITH CAPITAL LETTERS where you post your topic.

I have low tolerance for imbecility. No hard feelings. makes a really good point.

Doesnt matter if they are new to the forum, if they are, the first thing they should do is read the rules. Next thing is to use the search function first.

Dont blame him for getting a bit angry
if you selected xrumer service hire me here


change 0 to o
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