xrumer blast

  1. L

    [Request} Looking for Xrumer Service

    I want to test a negative SEO project and am looking for someone to perform some xrumer blasts. I'm looking for 100K to 1M blasts to a specific URL for a single keyword. You can use your worst list - it doesn't matter. This is a budget project and I don't have a lot of money to spend for this...
  2. ScrapeboxWorker

    [TUTORIAL][XRUMER] Accelerate MOD writing

    Step 1: Download and install http://www.sublimetext.com/ Step 2: Download and paste into: X:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 2\Packages\User\ http://www.mediafire.com/?54v15fu7g82db47 Step 3: Restart Sublime Step 4: View -> Syntax -> Open all with current extension as...
  3. EloquentGentleman

    Scrapebox/Xrumer blasts on amazon products??

    Has anyone ever tried to use scrapebox/xrumer blasts to build a higher ranking in Google/get more sales for an amazon product that may be hard to rank for (or just for the hell of it)? Just a thought that came to me.... hope it doesn't sound foolish. Would like to know if this has been done...
  4. rzaman

    Need Custom Xrumer Blast Service (Quote Please)

    I have 7 websites for what I need blasts. Each day I need 1000 Verified LIVE links each website. So it's 7000 links per day. I will need 105000 for every 15 days. I don't need the indexing service for now, will try out later. I want to try for first 15 days with 105000 verified links. If...
  5. jharr53301

    XRumer Expert Needed for 3000 Backlink Pyramid REPEAT JOBS!

    Hi: We need someone for Repeat Jobs for the service below. Please do not suggest Fiverr because I no longer deal with them. Please give me your best price for Repeat Jobs for the below. I need someone for repeat jobs to setup 3000 Backlink Pyramids. You can PM your price. Create a Pyramid...
  6. S

    50k forum list for xrumer for free.

    This is a 50k forum list for xrumer. Very good success rate. about 10k profiles resulted from a blast. Please SEND PM WITH YOUR EMAIL. I can`t send pm.
  7. pintonbd

    Are you using Xrumer for making threads in Forums? share your experience

    Hellow, Many xrumer users only using xrumer 7 only to make forum profile ..are you using it for opening new threads in various forums? if yes then how much traffic you are getting from forum posting via Xrumer ...share your experiece
  8. oblivion19

    <Blast exchange>Scrapebox for Xrumer

    Hey guys, The deal is pretty simple.. I got scrapebox and some private proxies... Willing to do scrapebox blasts in return for Xrumer blasts.... I have a few autoapprove lists, and a few large lists non auto approve(with good success rate). If you have your own list you want me to run through...
  9. I

    Any measurable results from SENuke X yet???

    I've been using SENuke X since it's release and I can't seem to see ANY measurable improvements in my sites rankings in the SERPs. Is anyone experiencing otherwise? It's my understanding that having a boatload of incoming links to one's site will not have the same positive impact that it once...
  10. sfidirectory

    $12 for xrumer blast?

    Hi everyone, 2 days from now I will have $12 in cleared funds on Fiverr and want to use it to test out some xrumer blasts on my site. I would rather get the blast done from a reputable member from BHW instead. What I am wanting is: Using my keywords, I want my site blasted to sites that have...
  11. sfidirectory

    X*rumer blasts for bit.ly links

    Hi all, Most of you will know about Bit.ly's url shortening service (you can track visitors etc with them as well etc). I'm wondering if someone were to x*rumer blast my bit.ly link, would there be any benefits for the original url that was shortened? Am thinking of purchasing a blast in the...
  12. sfidirectory

    Exchange decaptcher credits for Scrapebox/X*rumer services?

    Hi everyone, Am thinking about getting someone to use scrapebox or x*rumer to try and get a small amount of decent backlinks to my site. I have heard from several sources that using scrapebox and x*rumer (the correct way) can do wonders in terms of serps etc. My site is 9 months old now, so I...
  13. B

    Anyone Else Use Blastbank for Xrumer drips?

    I tried to find some reviews for this service b4 i signed up and didnt find anything so i jumped in and gave it a shot. If any of you are familiar with DFB (drip feed blasts) this is the same concept...you can schedule ur xrumer blasts using their interface...i just started doing SEO and was...
  14. determined

    Xrumer SEO

    I am obviously a newbie but I have been on here for a week now reading through forums non stop about everything that I can think of to learn about SEO. I have read alot about the xrumer services some of which boast a 1 million link blast. That sounds amazing. My question is, how many out of that...
  15. kharm

    ˆˆSimple and Low-Priced Verified Xrumer Backlinking Serviceˆˆ

    Thread closed at seller's request -- 19/10/16 -- Harness the Power of Xrumer! Are you looking for a simple and reliable backlink service so you can focus on making websites? Would you like to receive new inbound links pointing to your landing page? You can now establish safe linking...
  16. sfidirectory

    Need free xrumer service or similar

    Hi there everyone, This is my first post on Blackhatworld finally! After about a month of viewing tips and recommendations (which by the way I have found pretty useful), I thought I better make some use of my membership... I have heard so much on here about xRumer. It seems really fantastic...
  17. S

    [Xrumer Newbie] My first profile blast, I have some questions

    Hello everybody I am not english motherlanguage, but I hope you can understand what I write I just purchased xrumer + a vps 2 days ago. I did read the help file and many forums before starting, and yesterday I did my first profile blast on a 44k linkslist. Here are the settings of the...
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