Need Custom Xrumer Blast Service (Quote Please)

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    I have 7 websites for what I need blasts.

    Each day I need 1000 Verified LIVE links each website. So it's 7000 links per day. I will need 105000 for every 15 days. I don't need the indexing service for now, will try out later.

    I want to try for first 15 days with 105000 verified links. If the service is alright I will need steady monthly service (7 Websites, 210000 Verified Live links total each month).

    Please send me custom quotation for 15 days service (7 websites, 105000 verified live links ). Of course it needs to be on daily basis.

    Day 1: 7000 Links (7 websites X 1000 Links)
    Day 2: 7000 Links (7 websites X 1000 Links)
    .................................................. ........

    Can anyone do this? If yes, please quote my via PM.

    Also please let me know payment procedure of Plimus or Moneybookers. I don't have paypal, thus I will be using those for sending you payment. Any payment system (except paypal) accepting Mastercard will be okay.