wp o matic

  1. BigMarcusStud

    Step by Step Procedure to Set Up Auto Blogging Using WP O Matic

    Hi everyone, I just finished setting up an autoblog using WP O Matic. Now, I'm sure there are better plugins out there for this but I haven't check them out yet. This post is just to provide the step by step procedure on how to set up an autoblog using WP O Matic just in case anyone's...
  2. U

    [tutorial] how to: full rss feeds for autoblogs

    This is my first post to black hat world, so please be gentle! i've noticed many on BHW often ask where or how to get full rss feeds from sites that only provide excerpts in the feed, so i decided as my first post here on BHW to write a tutorial to answer those questions. First scour rss...
  3. R

    WordPress Auto Blog WP O Matic Thumbnail Solutions

    Hi, I am working on a white hat Wordpress auto-blogging project for the purpose of building a strong news hub catered to a specific industry. To do this I am testing out a prototype using the Gabfire Advanced Newspaper Theme with the WP-O-Matic and Get the Image plugins. Everything has been...
  4. K

    My Experience and Experiment with Autoblog

    I have to thanks to all post about "how to make autoblog" in bhw. That's great and I love it. Now, I want to share my experiment for autoblog. Not all tips I have to do. Just what I knew, I will do it. For the RSS plugin, I use wp o matic, but not using their cron job. I think it's more risk...
  5. kharm

    WP-O-MATIC and htaccess

    I used an HTACCESS to prevent the search engines from indexing my plugins page, but I realized it also blocked wp-o-matic and simplepie... Any ideas how to get around this and still prevent plugins from getting indexed?
  6. ismokedu

    Slight WP O Matic Problem

    I have a very small wp o matic problem, nothing too big, but annoying. Now I have a few feeds set to grab posts every hour, problem is, wp o matic, keeps trying to fetch feeds every 4 hours. Is the minimum time 4 hours? I don't understand why it keeps doing this. I don't have a cronjob set...
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