1. S

    Want to start a new Life and I need to learn!

    Hello and greeting to all newbies and elders from BLACKHAT! I am here to start lerning new stuff, making money and start a new life, because 15 years as worker for 700€/month is not showing a greate future for me. I know from my life experince I will need to work hard and i will need money to...
  2. surendra21

    Customize Twitter Accounts Project

    We are looking for skill full people who can do following Task. We will provide the Accounts. We want following changing in the Accounts. 1. Change Profile Name ( Name will be given) 2. Upload Profile Pic. ( as per Gender) 3. Add simple Bio 4. Email verified 5...
  3. N

    Active Sales Person needed

    Active Sales Person needed Ceramic Factory is looking for a Sales person to work Online as Sales Person Representative. A candidate will be active on field and responsible for gaining new customers. Candidate must have great communication skills and an excellent command of English Language...
  4. AdisLCS

    Can ANYONE Get a 9-5 IM job without Collage ?

    Jeez I just realized its pretty whiny post and the thoughts are all over the place but its in the lounge and I am sure some of you will be able to relate in one way or another. Call me crazy but I have tried now for few months to actually get a job in IM with an actual company. It seems like...
  5. HealeyV3

    Need a Freelancer, Data Entry, Account Creation, Must Know English Well!

    I have projects literally every day/other day that I need a worker for. Someone that is on within USA hours and works for a decent price. Most jobs are $10-$30. Example Job: Right now I need someone to go create some accounts for me on a website. I need approximately 40 accounts, and...
  6. FairyRevenue

    Where to find cheap workers?

    Hi i am just wondering if any one here can tell me where to find some cheap workers. i just need the website. i know a few sites but its not what im looking for i want the guy or girl to be working for me everyday. the work will be all kinds of stuff related to this forum. thanks:D
  7. M

    Hiring a worker

    I need workers to work with me. You will get paid for every hour of HARD work. Requirements: -You have a dynamic IP -You're from *USA *Spain *France *Germany PM me for further information.
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