1. U

    Going back to HitTail/KeywordEye? Should I?

    I joined HitTail and KeywordEye a few months ago now to help keep track of keywords. I wasn't happy with KeywordEye because you couldn't save anything and everytime you wanted to check for keywords, you would have to type everything in again. KeywordEye also didn't provide any email reports so...
  2. freething

    Word Tracker API??

    Does anyone have any experience working with the word tracker API, Please post your experience here. I am looking to see if I should invest money in getting a custom built program for the API.
  3. freething

    Wordtracker searches per month, competition, kei, kei3

    I found a keyword on wordtracker that gets 550,000 google searches a month. 3,300 competitors with the keyword in their page title and anchor text to their page. KEI of 13,600,000 and KEI3 of 167. I just want to know if this keyword would be worth investing in If I was planning to use Xrumer...
  4. Toby

    30 Free Trial For The Best Keyword Tool

    Better than Wordtracker & zero cost! www.wordze.com Enjoy....AND this is not an affiliate link!
  5. V

    [GET] WordTracker - Free Free Free ***

    Just discovered how to use of http://www.wordtracker.com for free. They offer a free 7 day trial. Head to www.Neteller.com (a paypal like wallet) Open an account there, it's free.They offer virtual mastercard (VCC). Generate a new VCC number every 7 days and use it to give...
  6. dangsquall

    Difference in results with Wordze and Wordtracker

    Hi everyone, I purchased Wordze member account sometime ago because it's cheaper than Wordtracker, but now when I'm comparing the results from Wordze to Wordtracker free keyword suggestion tool, there's a really huge difference in search counts :( So I'm not sure which one should I trust...
  7. tattoo

    Is WordTracker reliable?

    I've used the SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool and the Free Keyword Suggestion Tool on the WordTracker site, but a lot of times, the numbers they report don't agree with what Google has. I would see like 2,000 searches in WordTracker and then go over to Google traffic estimator and see 'not...
  8. L

    Keyword Research Tools

    Hi Guys, I have finally started to make some money online and decided that it was time for me to buy a keyword research tool. I have heard that Wordtracker is the best, but also the most expensive. I know that the highest price does not always equal the best. If you could only buy one...
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