1. Shando55

    Need Advice in Selling Digital Licenses

    Dear Friends I am a newbie and I have no prior experience in selling these types of licenses. Can I please know whether this niche is a good one and whether I will be able to sell these? If yes, can you please share with me the places I can sell these products and get some good sales? Your...
  2. mohdqasim

    Need to download Windows 7 ISO

    I need to download Windows 7 32/64 bit ISO, What website do you recommend to be able to download without requiring a product key?
  3. georgetoons

    Sorry i had to ask...

    Okay so i recently updated my Windows to Windows 11 and i think it is the worst decision i have ever made and will most likely revert back. Does everyone actually like windows 11? I feel like it gets worse with each update haha take me back to Windows 7!
  4. uxx0utt

    Automate an action that depends on interface changing? [Windows]

    Hello! There's a proprietary software called Microsoft Teams. A client(not mine, I am not taking orders yet) has to attend lectures through Teams. But they'd rather spend their time elsewhere, so they want to automate the joining part without actually being there.:) So the question is. Which...
  5. noellarkin

    Advice Needed For LAN Setup

    I've recently scaled up my local VPS setup, from 8 to 16 machines, running windows, primarily for botting operations. Right now they're all connected via WLAN, but I'm considering switching them all over (in addition to my primarily work computer) to a wired ethernet LAN, because 1) I feel that...
  6. soperwq1911

    Windows server security expert wanted

    Hello guys, I am looking for an expert who knows about securing Windows servers. In detail, it is about the following: - Secure deletion of old Windows servers, complete overwriting of hard disks - Encrypt connection via Windows RDP over SSL - Deactivate logging completely, remove spyware -...
  7. Ricostrong

    Shutdown ur PC in a unique way

    The unique way its simple create a new shortcut Then type SlideToShutDown next/ done whenever y will double click on the shortcut a slide will appear on ur desktop so u can shutdown by sliding it
  8. DevilWithOneEye

    Dupinout Duplicate Finder Giveaway

    Giveaway Version: (Latest) Giveaway License Duration: 4 Years Activation Key: AVE8Z-3DWT6-HYMN2 Steps: 1. Download program from official website. 2. Click on Activate (top right corner). 3. Enter the Giveaway key and click on "Activate". Note: An Internet connections is required for...
  9. M

    I'm looking for a developer

    Hello, I am developing a script in python that allows me to simulate the use of the mouse and the keyboard, as if it were a human, and that operates on a web page loaded in a browser. Currently, this goal is achieved with the "pyautogui" library, acting on the entire screen. The next step I want...
  10. vWorker

    Planning to update to Windows 11

    What's your review on newly launched Windows 11? Thanks.
  11. L

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  12. GNews

    Microsoft Issues Warning: Update Your comptuer Immediately

    Taken from CNN front page
  13. C

    Any Thoughts about Windows 11?

    Windows notification just pop preparing us to move to windows 11 :) any thoughts about this?
  14. Bloodseeker

    Will you upgrade to Windows 11 right after its launch?

    There are always tons of bugs with new Windows upgrades, plus app compatibility will also be an issue. So would you upgrade or wait?
  15. Bloodseeker

    Microsoft following the footsteps of Apple with Windows 11

    The design and UI look very similar to MacOS. The centered taskbar, the initial setup steps, icons, and overall UI. Now Mac haters will lecture me in the PM :(
  16. Dunga

    Windows 11?

    More info:
  17. be9hop

    Isolat8 - Privacy focused Browser Profile Manager - Unlimited Social Media Accounts On A Single Computer.

    Isolat8 is a browser profile manager for both Chrome and Firefox based browsers. What is a browser profile manager? Simply said, when you open your browser(Chrome/Firefox) you are using your browser profile to store bookmarks, cookies, logins, passwords, extensions, etc. If you wanted to...
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  19. lEkkol

    Office 365 - 5 User - PC - Mobile - MAC - Lifetime -

    Office 365 Lifetime License For 5 Devices This is a Microsoft Office 365 Account that can get you all of Microsoft Office 2019 applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, OneNote, OneDrive, Outlook & Publisher. You will have full access to 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets or mobiles...
  20. M

    MailWizz on Windows?

    Has anyone tried installing mailwizz on their localhost? I'm considering doing this actually, but I want to know anyone who tried this approach and their experience..