windows 7

  1. L

    How to update my window without losing data

    How to update my windows from 32 bit to 64 bit without losing any data please can some one give me some suggestions Thank You
  2. kurosaki4d

    Pc Restarts randomly

    Hello guys, I've been using my desktop for almost 4 years now, it has been running smoothly all these years with no problem. I did a lot of gaming in the past years, but not so much anymore. Lately, while i'm working, sometimes my pc restarts by itself. It has happened before in the past...
  3. D

    Windows 7 Users: Is SKYPE classic working on windows 7?

    To all Windows 7 users: are you able to use skype classic/version 7 on it? I have heard that skype classic only works on Windows 7 and that too for some users. Plz confirm
  4. onlinework

    Cannot Copy All Files from my Hard Disk Drive to USB

    Hi all. I had problem with transfer all of my files from my hard disk to usb. It's pretty strange cause when I check the size of the files in my hard disk it shows 956mb but when I push the copy button to my usb I see that there are coping only 460mb. After the transfer is finished I checked are...
  5. L

    iMacro Error Ignore

    I have been searching far and wide throughout google to no avail. I am really hungry for some wisdom and guidance as I am new to this! :) MY IMACRO CODE SET !ERRORIGNORE YES URL GOTO=https: (URL LINK GOES HERE) TAG POS=1 TYPE=* ATTR=TXT:1NEW CONTENT=EVENT:FAIL_IF_FOUND SET !ERRORIGNORE NO...
  6. kittyfranklin

    Software developed for Windows 7 not connecting to twitter app on Windows 2003 VPS

    I know this isn't a programming question, but there doesn't seem to be a category for software questions on this forum... maybe I'm not in the right place, but if anyone knows anything about software and windows, etc, maybe you can help me with my problem, or lead me to a place where I can more...
  7. RobotDestruct

    Install Parallels & Windows 7 For Me Today!

    I downloaded the torrents and both failed a couple weeks later. I am now using the trial version. I will pay someone to install parallels & windows. You can just install the key or re-install if you need to but I hope you can keep the stuff I have on the windows trial now. I can pay via paypal...
  8. afallison

    is there a windows 7 second desktop/app drawer?

    this may be a dumb question but i googled around and couldn't find anything like it. I was thinking like a little sidebar tab that when you click it, it's another desktop area. Right now i'm running a pretty beefy computer with 2x 24" monitors now, but my space on screen is still limited...
  9. A


    I LOADED WINDOWS7 on my thinkpad and thought all i needed was my product code. well after logging online it tells me i need to register before 30days i need help;) any one that can point me to the right direction on this i would highly appreciate it seriously i only have 13 days left thanks
  10. S

    Linux Question

    Not sure where to post this ... just looking to buy a new system ... Wondering if I can use Linux ... as an additional system ... One my friends suggested Linux is secure and much like Windows, without the jazz effects. Is it true that I can use without being a techie? I am looking at Windows...
  11. R

    Sticky Keys Backup

    can anybody give me Sticky Keys Backups for windows xp and windows 7
  12. C

    How to reset password on Toshiba laptop Windows 7

    I have a Toshiba laptop but I forgot the password? How do I find my lost password? I don't want to have to reinstall Windows 7, What' s the simplest way to reset my Toshiba laptop password? I need to log onto my laptop. Well, It is so frequently to meet this problems in our lives. If you can't...
  13. xboxps3wow

    32-bit Bots on 64-bit Win7?

    Hey, I just bought a new laptop and it has Win7 64-bit. Its fast and awesome, but some bots, keygens etc don't work on 64 bit :( I get the "XXX Has stopped working, windows is checking blah blah.." Type of message when I try to run it. Is there anything I can do to run these progs? Btw, this is...
  14. KBC-12

    Help Save My Computer!

    Hey guys, I need help badly. I cant get my laptop to work. I start it up and I can see the BIOS & everything start but the OS(WIN 7) never starts after that. Compounding the problem is the fact that I have a T.V. monitor hooked up to the computer & a long time ago, it started messing up...
  15. F

    New IPRental Version

    We?ve worked hard on this much anticipated new version which addresses nearly every major known bug our users have reported to us. The aim of this version was to clean up all known issues in preparation for our next release which will contain some very cool new features and improvements. The...
  16. K

    Why Windows 7 may lead to murder

    Good long page on how windows 7 might lead to murder.
  17. M

    Windows 7 on MacBook Air

    Probably doesn't pertain to any of our current discussions, but I thought I'd share it anyway. I installed Windows 7 v 7 on an Apple MacBook Air through VMWare.
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