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  1. S

    my site got stuck on 23 da and p30. how can i increase the da pa of that site and what can increase the traffic of that site. It is an ecommerce site.

    my site got stuck on 23 da how can i increase the da pa of that site and what can increase the traffic of that site. It is an ecommerce site.
  2. P

    Upgrading Hosting from shared to Cloud on Same Host (Siteground) - Can it hurt my SEO?

    Not for the first time someone is asking this question for sure...but I cannot find any direct answer, that why need assistance. I am planning my site from SiteGround Shared to SiteGround Cloud. Not sure if it will hurt my SEO strategy, since the site is performing good. So Are there any...
  3. P

    Suggestions Required!! SEO Strategy

    Hi BHW, Hope Everyone' safe and good. The Reason I'm here today is that I'm actively seeking some suggestions. I've been doing SEO for past 3 years, and TBH doing just fine to meet a client needs, but sometimes I feel like somewhere I'm lacking something. Can anyone suggest me something that...
  4. djivan

    Impossible Google ranking with white hat techniques

    Hello friends, I'm trying to rank my page for a specific keyword(s). I'm using only white hat techniques. No BlackHat Tricks. 1. My domain name is 10 years old. 2. I never had google penalties. During all the years I'm providing the same service. 3. I have only quality manually created...
  5. virtualryder

    Landing Page - Linking Advice

    Hello Everyone, I have started working on the new team's landing page. While auditing their page I have found that they have linked the same landing page in their content. For example, suppose we have a landing page: https://www.blackhatworld.com and in it's content there is an anchor text...
  6. E

    Hello SEOs

    Hi guys, I am frank a web developer and SEO from Nigeria, I have been working on getting best of SEO strategies both on white and black hat and the best methods to rank for top keywords. It is not an easy feat but i beleive with you all here as a team I can achieve my goal. I also hope to...
  7. J

    Why Google Chache is showing 404 error

    I Just checked Chached then it is showing 404 error please suggest me how to resolve this
  8. HustleFriday

    Agency Level Blogger Outreach Service (Get Min 3 Quality Links/Month or We Refund You)

  9. C

    How do I choose the best domain name for a porn tube?

    Okay, I’ve read a little about SEO (guide on this site). That being said, I’m still a newbie. I typed each of my domain names in google (with spaces, without quotes) and then in quotes (with spaces). Should I only be looking to register domains with very high search results (no quotes) and...
  10. M

    Is Cannibalization really exist?

    I heard about the Cannibalization term in SEO. But is it really exist and make an impact on strategy?
  11. M

    From where i can learn valuable keyword research?

    I am working in SEO for many years but don't know how to do proper keyword research tell me where i can learn this/
  12. L

    What is the way for Competitor Research?

    What if I want to check that what my competitor did in his initial days? Like he is in business for 6 years and I have started my website just now. so, what should I do to know his strategies for his initial days?
  13. T

    how to rank on google first some latest and quick responsive technique

    currently my website is on 2nd page not coming on 1st page
  14. I

    google picking some part of meta title

    i had just update my web site title for example - camping in dhanaulti, kanatal camps - dhanaulti kanatal camp but google is showing only last - dhanaulti kanatal camp please help me what i should do
  15. T

    What are some Best White hat SEO techniques to get higher ranking

    Please Suggest me some best SEO Techniques to Get higher Ranking.
  16. R

    Migrating from ASP.net to WIX- Cons?

    I have a client who is currently hoping to move his 22 page website from asp.net to Wix and I'm terrified to let him flip the switch. He says that his lackluster webmaster doesn't implement changes anywhere near the timetable he would like them implemented. I'm inclined to agree with him. To...
  17. virennegi06

    Tips for rank easily & getting high traffic to your website

    Finding keywords with low competition & commercial intent By using this strategy my website (adonwebs.com) ranking for keywords like "lightning bolt icon google" and many other variant of this keywords. Including web & image search. I have tried this strategy and ranking on many of my...
  18. V

    Know, go, do, buy? - Impact of website type for rankings

    Hey there, I´m reading the forum for a long time and now I decided to join and discus the following topic with the community. Google uses the following 4 main Types of search queries: - go - navigational - know - informational - do - transactional - buy - transactional for people who like to...
  19. vishyjames

    E-commerce Essentials for SEO - A Guide for Online Store Builders

    In keeping up with my tradition of creating and sharing the best SEO guides I write - here on BHW... ladies and gentlemen... I give to you ... drum roll ... E-commerce SEO is NO different than doing regular SEO other than having more specific factors that you need to focus on. To get clues...
  20. 80085

    Free Keyword Research For a Few Lucky BHW members

    Hey everyone, I'm feeling a bit generous today and just want to give away some freebies. I have been perfecting my keyword research techniques lately and in doing so I have been able to sell this service to my clients for quite a bit, but more importantly, I have been able to see drastic results...
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