1. Seemasingh5020

    Issues Regarding the Off-Page Report shared by my SEO Person

    I'm currently working with an SEO Expert for the past 3 months, he sends me the Weekly update on the Spreadsheet where there are the tasks like Article Submission, Blog Submission Etc. I've noticed discrepancies in the value of submissions made to various websites in the Report. Some...
  2. J

    How Can I Get Order On Black Hat

    Hi, I am Jimmy I am new on Blackhatworld. I am an SEO expert I have 4 years of experience in this field with 100% Client Satisfaction. I Don't Know How I can get the order on black hat world. I will provide these services: PBN. Guest post. Web2.0. Profile Creation. Forum Posting. Blog comment...
  3. SEO Grand Room

    Some of the major Google SPAM policies should know

    Hello all, The following spam policies you should avoid to protect your website and improve the quality of search results: Cloaking - it refers the practice of presenting different content to users and search engines. Doorways - Having multiple websites with slight variations to the URL and...
  4. Xtx1


    I have a small website coming up starting this threat as my journey once i engage fully, I will be updating. wish me luck. now my biggest competition ( ranks number 1 ) just like most of the of the other competitors have multiple categories( about 20) and products( over 70) i have just two...

    English links to French sites!!! question

    Hi I have a French site I want to buy different English backlinks However, is this method good or will it affect my site? Do you have experiences?

    Today International workers day..

    Pleasure in the job put perfection in your work - Aristotle... Happy Happii workers day for all....
  7. Medison

    webmaster tools

    Which webmaster tools do you use and why? Suggests me some
  8. G


    Hi everybody, I just gor one of the keywords packages from one of the BHW members for an italian website . I got the whole report and keywords and guide on how to use it, the service was very good but unfortunately i dont get how to put those keywords into the website. I believe writing useful...
  9. G

    My website ranking is not increasing?what to do?

    i had been working on this site from past 6 months . i had completed all the major on page and off page activities . even i daily post on my social media pages, and making nearly 150 links in week but the ranking is not getting high. suggest something
  10. T

    Blog commenting is still working for backlink

    i want to do some blog commenting with hi DA sites is this technique still works or not please suggest me
  11. praveen545445

    no rank nothing what is going on

    wtf is going on ? what to do its been now 2 months
  12. LeeHnetinka

    I am Lee Hnetinka,Why we need Black Hat SEO?

    Hi Friends, This is Lee Hnetinka, I want to know, Why we need Black Hat SEO?
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