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May 31, 2020
I have a small website coming up starting this threat as my journey once i engage fully, I will be updating. wish me luck.

now my biggest competition ( ranks number 1 ) just like most of the of the other competitors have multiple categories( about 20) and products( over 70)

i have just two categories and 10 products thinking of reducing it to 6 or even just one category( reason i started the thread for advice). its a relatively small niche. I can mention the niche if required

my website is relatively new ( about 5 months old BUT just starting the SEO now)

I have been researching on the forum for about two weeks now and in about 3days time it will be go time and i need all the muscles. It is a do or die. I MUST RANK NUMBER ONE

I am on a low budget so hoping to grow from this beginning and invest more in it with time.

what are my best options to rank and beat my competition

i will appreciate any contributions and if you can tag a thread that's going to help me too.
No one can give you correct advise without knowing competitor seo status.

If you have low budget do your research carefully & work accordingly.

1. Check competitor on-page
1.1 Check On-page optimization​
1.2 Check Technical seo point like (site speed, https,​
1.3 Check how many internal post or page supporting #1 ranking page/product page​

2. Check Backlink profile
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