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  1. Kiemash

    Experied Domain Question

    Hey BHW members, hope you all have a great weekend I'm on my way to buy a Expired domain wich i found (from a seller) wich could be a great start help for me, i did some basic research for the domain (wich i found here on the forum) and it seems fine but before i buy it i would like to ask a...
  2. GrowthJson

    Where to learn spamdexing?

    Hi, I know their is some content on this topic but after reading all of them their is no updated content. Is their a place where I can find this information ? or maybe someone that will be helpful?
  3. GrowthJson

    Weird redirect from big Authority site follow link

    How is this possible, i'm tracking a big spammer and he got tons of follow backlinks from the sign in page, it looks like https:// his site does anyone know?
  4. GrowthJson

    PBN back link to page or homepage?

    Hi, I'm sending mostly backling to my homepage but is it worth it to also send backlinks to pages?
  5. GrowthJson

    Scraping Expired domains

    Hi, Does scraping expired domains still possible or all the domains that are expired or going to expire soon will be listed in the domainsexpired, spamzilla, etc... ?
  6. GrowthJson

    Tiers PBN building strategy advice

    Hi guys, I'm starting a new project where I will building mid term ranking. My strategy will be Money Robot -> Web 2.0 -> PBN -> Money site. I will be adding strong T1 aswell . Any suggestion?
  7. GrowthJson

    Expired Domains still works?

    HI, Does building PBN on expired still work if its well done? or its gets detected more and more by google and give less power ?
  8. GrowthJson

    Tier 1 link are nofollow?

    Hi, I 've seen that is very powerfull to use PBN tier3 links to -> tier2 -> tier 1 But most of the Tier 1 links like for example youtube are nofollow links so how can you benefit from this for your SEO?
  9. GrowthJson

    PBN still working?

    Hi guys, I was wondering if PBN still good nowadays since google update their algo way often to counter this. Also is buy on expireddomains good idea or its better scraping ?
  10. S

    Can anyone do that type of redirect backlink?

    I found some redirect backlink like that. And they are index it within some minutes. How it's possible and How...
  11. Loklush

    Need someone for BlackHat SEO in PBN Network

    I need someone who knows how to rank keywords using blackhat tricks to rank PBN blogs. I have more than 31 PBN blogs in my small network. If you have experience regarding blackhat tricks to rank keywords, hit me for details in a private message along with the cost to rank per PBN blog...
  12. G

    need domain for seo cloacking

    hi everyone, we need domain for seo cloacking
  13. H

    Spam Web Sites

    Hello friends, what do you think about spam sites on Google? How do you think they do this? I wanted to do some research and when I check the spam scores, I see it as 1%. By getting more than one index a day, they rise to the top in terms of words with the same explanations and copy...
  14. F

    Does anyone know how to be in google discover with Landing Page?

    straight to the point, recently I see my competitors consistently in google discover like it's nothing. Easier to say is like a facebook, post and boom, there you have it. They upload the landing page and boom, it appear on google discover without any effort. I've been finding what they did for...
  15. techgeek2021

    600,197% Increase in Organic Traffic in a Month for CPA keywords on Food Site

    Hey Folks, Please Have a Look, I found this Gem Site. In a Month 600,197% Increase in Organic Traffic for CPA Keywords on Food Site Is the Site Hacked? Pages were injected with Script? Hidden PBN Links? After Google Update Also the Site is Live Site - valeofoodsgroup. com Following Two...
  16. A

    [Please HELP] How to scrape article URLs from the sitemap by category?

    Hello, today I found out that two of my competitors are getting over 100k monthly visitors from different search engines than Google (local). And to be honest, the content on both domains is not great and what is even worse is domain authority, I don't specifically mean DA, but the link profile...
  17. Z

    Looking for a service that provides advices for SEO in the gambling industry in Indonesia

    Hello Im looking for a service who can help and advise me with the current SEO project im having in indonesia. Payment can be made through Paypal. Im not looking for an SEO service, but just someone who can answer questions and help me point to the right direction. Thank you!
  18. Z

    Someone redirected 2 of their very spammy domains to my domain

    Hello, Ive recently bought an expired domain with really good backlinks from auction. But a few days ago i found out that there is someone to redirected their very spammy domains to mine. They passed over 2k RD, when mine only has about 300. I've contacted their hosting provider but havent...
  19. O

    Backlink For Aged Domain or Expired Domain Traffic & No Traffic

    Hello guys i want to ask how you guys buy backlinks steps for a aged domain or expired domain like the first step buy a pyramid backlinks the second step buy a social signal the third step buy a guest post so what step for the aged domain or expired domain still have traffic and aged domain or...
  20. O

    How To Use A Black Hat Anchor Text

    Hello guys i want to ask about using a anchor text i see a sample like : Sample domain : Sample main targeting keywords : best hosting i see a people using anchor text like this best hosting | best hosting | patenhosting best hosting |...
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