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  1. M

    Deactivate whatsapp account (ALERT!)

    Hey guys, I lost my smartphone and the corresponding WhatsApp number. unfortunately my WhatsApp is being misused. Is it possible to deactivate my WhatsApp account remotely even without a SIM card?
  2. WhatsApp AI Chatbot

    WhatsApp AI Chatbot

  3. katarinabluu

    How to prevent WhatsApp from being blocked? Please Help Me

    Hello everyone, I want to ask if anyone knows how to make your WA account stronger when spamming messages?
  4. onlinebusinessgr


    While using bulk message senders on WhatsApp, people often face account bans without understanding the cause. This is where the WhatsApp Shield Bot comes in - a tool designed to evaluate the strongness of your WhatsApp account. When you send bulk messages, WhatsApp might ban your account based...
  5. S

    What's App Marketing

    We are looking for someone who understands What's App's algorithm system really well. We have about 1000 contacts that need to get a template disbursed from a business account, but every time we send even 4 with verified US numbers we get instant banned. Thanks in advance.
  6. Jean550

    Massive messages Tool for Whatsapp

    Hi guys, We have 10,000 customer contacts now. We want to send many messages via Whatsapp to them. Are there any tools that can help us do that? I really appreciate your sincere suggestions. Kind regards, Jean
  7. SEO Grand Room

    Social Media Down

    Hello all, Facebook, WhatsApp, instagram channels are not working. How about yours?
  8. A

    Zuck ultimatum: FB must sell insta and WhatsApp. Thoughts?

    Think it will happen??
  9. RichardLI

    [POLL] What is your Favorite Messenger application in 2020 ?

    Hello Guys Just as a title says -please vote for your favorite messenger ,and let us know what type of messenger is most popular now among IMers. Regards Richard Thanks
  10. zeroblackhat

    How to use SNAPCHAT on laptop, Don't want to use Software like BlueStacks

    Is there is any way to use SNAPCHAT like WhatsApp Web or any other way, I really don't want to use BlueStacks
  11. C

    WhatsApp group invite link being indexed

    A friend told me about Google indexing WhatsApp group invite links . How true is this
  12. Red Yonko

    Select 1 app from these, forget completely the others

    Select 1 from the apps above. You can only use 1 of them forever. You will never be able to connect to others again. Which one do you choose? I think I'm gonna go with YouTube...
  13. SEO Champ

    Whats app ad

    The way to promote your product in whats app is by sharing video/image/links. any other way?
  14. Milagro

    Help , How can I set WhatsApp auto respond?

    Hello friends !!! Happy new week! please I want to start WhatsApp marking and I am looking for a way to set automatic reply to different keywords ! Eh when someone send a message “car” it will reply with car post with a link
  15. thealbela

    What Api Used In Sending Auto Messages in Whatsapp??

    Hey BHW, As the titles say, I need to know how i can send an auto message from whatsapp to user after he filled an online form on my website. Please let me know if any possibility, I have seen many forms on instagram as soon as number is entered I received a message. Thanks
  16. Dream Eater

    USA ORIGINAL REAL NUMBER for any type verification Service

    Craigslist.org = $1.5 Doublelist.com = $0.5 WhatsApp = $0.5 Tinder = $0.5 e-Bay = $0.5 WeChat = $0.5 Facebook = $0.5 Google = $0.5 VK.Com = $0.5 Avito = $0.5 Avito+Redir = $0.5 Youla = $0.5 Youla+redir = $0.5 MeetMe = $0.5 Uber = $0.5 KakaoT = $0.5 Skout = $0.5 Instagram = $0.5 Ok.ru =...
  17. Dmitry Belanskiy

    How to Collect WhatsApp Number Base

    Hey! I am looking for some ways on how to collect targeted whats app number bases Anybody know something about how to do it?
  18. Dmitry Belanskiy

    WhatsApp Number Base

    I need someone who can collect targeted Whats App user base
  19. B

    Virtual number for whatsapp?

    Hey guys, I am looking for virtual number to create WA account. It seems Textnow numbers cant be used. As they ban them instantly. Do you guys have any alternative where i can get numbers for specific countries. ? Free or paid i can do both. Thanks
  20. curkill

    Scraping&Checking Whatsapp Group Links in 30min - Tutorial

    Hey, I just had a free minutes, so today I'll give you some easy ways you can mass scrape&check whatsapp Links for free. (Don't complain that I will be using free tools and no custom/paid software/scripts, simply not worth my time. And please don't act smart by commenting that you can also use...
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