1. O

    Best Ranking Blog Network Type Parasites ?

    In terms of parasites pages that are blog creators like blogger,wordpress.com,weebly, overblog, ect. What is the best right now for ranking on Google ? Like over the last say month which have you noticed ranks better or worse ? I just gave some examples above but I'm asking about any of them you...
  2. O

    Anyone else have issues indexing Weebly sites ?

    For the last several months suddenly I have noticed issue with indexing Weebly sites on Google. I did not have the issue in years past, not sure what the problem is. It can range from the site NEVER getting indexed period. To a weird sandbox type phenomenon, where the Google Search Console lists...
  3. ziko12345

    Wix subdomains have high authority

    I have a couple of free websites and subdomains in weebly, wix, blogspot. I have checked all in ahrefs and ubbersuggest and both give a da of 95. How is this possible?
  4. zainh332

    Weebly Available Subdomains

    Hey, Is there any way or bot by which we can check in bulk weebly subdomains are available or not. Thanks
  5. Shropdog

    How to rank a sub domain in 2019

    How easy is it to rank a sub domain in 2019, such example.weebly.com or blogger etc? Is it much harder than a .com address or just the same ?
  6. Shropdog

    Ideas on how to use quality expired web 2's without relevance

    As you may have noticed lately, i have had a push on expired web 2 domains. Having now gotten myself a nice portfolio for no money, just man hours ( which can be viewed as money i suppose) i find myself with the last scrapes having lots of web 2's with some lovely high da do follow links from...
  7. zainh332

    Help about vanity name checker weebly definition

    Is there a member here who wants to share the vanity name checker weebly definition because several times I get a blog that is available but cannot be registered because of the 404 factor on some web 2.0 sites there are many types. How can i write in definition that <div...
  8. denfal

    weebly splash page can't edit

    I am going to use Weebly splash page as a pre-landing page. but when I change the main page to splash page, the page is with a fucking terrible white bar in the center of the page. and I tried a lot but it can't removed, and I can't drag&down to edit the page. can anyone know this and help me...
  9. T

    Which Weebly to Choose?

    I've got some expired ready to register weebly blogs... some have 20+ tf and some have 50+ RDs and some are having 100+ traffic (according to ahrefs)... So which metric to prefer? Good TF CF? Having Good Traffic? or good number of RDs ? and should i use past niche or new niche on those weebly?
  10. Yaqub Nipu

    How to start blogging?

    If you want to blog on your site you must, you must start the free blog first such as: 1. Blogger 2.Tumbler 3. Wordpress 4. Wix and many more. How to create a free blog: There have lots of resources to create the free blog as well on the youtube video and some have own video there site. Go and...
  11. W

    Any Weebly user here?

    how do you do SEO for Weebly?
  12. L

    PA30+ Web2.0 Homepage Blog posts needed

    Hi, i need a lot of blog posts from high pa web2.0 blogs, such as jigsy, wordpress,blogspot, weebly,jimdo. Requirement: 1. PA30+ 2. Put my post at homepage. 3. Blog indexed in google 4. Low OBL
  13. Royalwithcheese

    [HELP] About to start a new blog

    Hey guys ! I've finally decided to create my blog and monetize it. I'm not sure in what niche it would be but I'm sure it's gonna be about phones and tutorials and iphone shit and stuff like that. Thing is I'm new to this i've never owned a blog before so I don't really know where to start, i've...
  14. M

    Ogads help please

    hi everyone the probem is that I am using weebly with 2 IG accs and I receive emails from weebly but when I login to ogads I see 6 click the first day: 10$ 2nd day: 1.25$ 3rd day : 0.26$ today: 000 please help:(:(
  15. savobaby

    Expired Weebly's, Wordpress Blogs and Others

    I've recently been doing some scraping for these expired web 2.0's but I haven't been able to re-register any at the moment, can somebody tell me if anything has changed as far as "re-registering expired web 2.0's"? Also, which web 2.0's allow people to re-register expired domains/usernames...
  16. kzedelb

    Need Help with redirect page

    Hello Guy I am not that good at coding or in javascript so my question is i have a blog with weebly and i want to redirect a specific page to my website after 10 sec for example. with wordpress it's possible to do it with a plugin which is not available yet with weebly i think i want to...
  17. D

    Any Tools to Manage Over-Blog, Weebly and Jimdo?

    Hi, I have been searching for months for the tools as title, which can post articles to multiple accounts at once. I have tools that can build script to do the job. But I'm not familiar with the programming language the tool use, the script I wrote have low success rate, and some script just...
  18. N

    Trying To Rip LP to Weebly!

    Hey everyone! I've never used Weebly before and I'm working on a new niche site venture. I was wondering; how can I rip the landing page provided to me and copy it to a Weebly website? Since I've never done it before, specific instructions (and any help really) would be appreciated. Thanks...
  19. bluecoder

    suggestions on my christmas give away

    Friends, i was a silent reader till few days ago and want to give something back to BHW. so just here to ask some thoughts on my planned free give away(christmas give away) on the seo package... Free Package : ------------------ 10 High PA 30+ Aged Web 2.0 Posts 1 Tumblr Post (PA 30+) 1...
  20. I

    Is it possible to remove site title from SEO title for Weebly?

    My Weebly website shows the website name behind every SEO title. Is it possible to adjust this feature, because i want to be able to make my own SEO titles without the sitename.
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