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  1. TomTheCat

    Daum Webmaster Tools

    I don't know how many people do SEO for Asian traffic here, but I have a project that I still manage and I must say that those Google competitors are strong in their countries. I just found out while surfing the Internet, that Daum opened Webmaster Tools, not tried it yet, but I plan in the next...
  2. Boriss

    How to get indexed in Baidu?

    Hello, Is there a method to index a website in Baidu? Tried with: https://www.theegg.com/seo/china/using-baidu-webmaster-tools-to-accelerate-indexation/ https://www.nanjingmarketinggroup.com/baidu-webmaster-faq I don't understand Chinese. It requires some app to login to webmaster tools...
  3. thebeingoptimist

    Do we need to index web 2.0?

    Dear friend, is it necessary to index web 2.0 website like blogspot, worspress.com, weebley, etc or it get indexed automatically by search engines. Or do we have to submit web 2.0 in google search console including primary domain
  4. JoachimvR

    Strange "content is wider than screen" error

    Since the beginning of this month (November 2018) I'm having the "content is wider than screen" error for 3 sites in the Google Search Console (they all have their own console, so they don't share anything). These are html websites and are not using any kind of CMS. Error in Google search...
  5. devo11420

    Mobile First Indexing Enabled - Webmaster Tools

    Just started getting this message from Google for all my websites registered with GWT: Mobile-first Indexing Enabled "This means that you may see more traffic in your logs from Googlebot Smartphone. You may also see that snippets in Google Search results are now generated from the mobile...
  6. youtalk

    G Search Console

    What’s everyone’s opinion on this. Having sites with the same data on different domains, but your registered as the owners of the sites on the search console. Do you think G will deindex or lower the ranking on some of those sites because they can tell it’s the same content and your are the...
  7. awaiskhokhar

    Website Hide And Seek

    My website play hide and seek with me. When my site is rank in google. There main page was hide from bing and yahoo. And when i re-submit sitemap in bing webmaster tools. My website again showing in bing but my ranking will decrease in google. What will i do.
  8. H

    does anybody know?

    does anybody know the reason of site search results dropping in google and fixing it? for e.g google search query: site:slammp3 dot com 250000 results 3 days ago. now, site:slammp3 dot com 2600 results.. the results havent goes down from past 8 months and no penalty no errors in google webmaster...
  9. BlackSept

    Installed SSL, what's next?

    Hi Can you guys guide me what to do exactly after SSL was installed? What I did so far: 1.Installed Really Simple SSL Wp plugin. 2.Added the new https version to search console plus www non www version ( there are 4 different versions in search console now) 3.Changed the urls in analytics...
  10. ergoprime

    Problem With AMP and Webmasters Tool

    Hi, I don't know if this forum is the right location to ask my question, but AMP boosts your ranking dramatically and therefore it's kind of relevant. I hope someone can help me: The search engine console is showing me the following error on some of my AMP-Sites: "From User Created...
  11. BlackSept

    PBN links not showing up

    Hello I have 10 PBN sites linked to my money site, they are 30-50 days old with a few unique,quality articles on them. All of them are indexed, I even sent some social signals to them. Bots are all blocked except google, but when I check my search console I see only two PBN links showing up...
  12. Celestial711

    Lost traffic after google fetch and render

    I added and updated a lot of my content and decided to use googles fetch and render tool, after doing this my impressions drops by more than 80%. Can anyone tell me why this? If google recrawls a site does it have to build up rankings again?
  13. A

    Lost Rank in February 2017 - HELP

    Lost the rank for this site Brazilianbuttlift.com Was ranking 40 something - later after moving it to https and other changes - Google took it out of the TOP 100. It also disappeared from Yahoo. Any idea what could have happened ? How can I get back in the top 100 google results ?
  14. supereek

    Backlinks dissapeared in Webmaster Tools?

    I have this website that I have been building backlinks to (slowly). Now a friend shared me his premium backlinksindexer.com account so i added all my non-indexed backlinks there. Result.. 2 weeks later and suddenly on my WMT dashboard there is 0 (no backlinks) at all for this website.. no...
  15. Link Player

    Google Webmaster Error on submitting sitemap!! Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page.

    Hi Guys, I'm having this error when I submit the sitemap to webmaster tool. "Your Sitemap appears to be an HTML page. Please use a supported sitemap format instead." Anyone faced the same problem, then please share the solution. I am trying from 2 days. I have regenerated the sitemap from...
  16. codeman1234

    Migrating from http to https

    Hello, I am migrating on website of mine from http to https, they questions I have is how I change this on Webmaster Tools? Do I need to remove account with http domain and create new one with https domain? If so, do I have to remove from google all http urls index from google? Anyone can...
  17. Unreliable Witness

    In Google's index despite NOINDEX directive and robots.txt

    Can anyone solve this mystery? I work on a site that has lots of good content, and also a directory. The directory pages could be classed as thin content, so they have had both a noindex directive placed on them, and been noindexed via robots.txt. Those have been in place for 18 months. The...
  18. E

    bing taking long to update meta title

    i just my meta 4-5 days ago and bing still hasn't updated my meta title and description, normally when i fetch it on bing webmaster tools it updates after a few minutes but now it's just taking long. Anyone know the problem ???
  19. T

    One Version of my site not showing

    I had a quick question in using my google webmaster tools I have a site where the site http://xyz.com is showing and getting a lot of traffic and the other http://www.xyz.com is not showing and says no traffic why is this and how do I correct this thanks.
  20. codeman1234

    Smart or not?

    Hello guys, I am opening a big money site and I am wondering if is smart or not to use Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics on it? What you guys think? If not which is the best alternative? Piwik or what? Thanks!
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