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  1. metalfingersdoom

    Were web 2.0's REALLY nerfed?

    Hey, I've now been hanging out on this forum for a while and came to realise there is more noise than there are facts, and that in order to learn anything remotely useful you just dm the pros. I have heard that web 2.0's were nerfed the day I came here, there was a big fuss about it, and now...
  2. metalfingersdoom

    Does ONLY-WORDPRESS-PBN-SCHEMA make google penalise/not rank you?

    Hey guys, I'm trying to set up a scheme for my website and all I have are websites built on an old CMS which is used in like %1 of all websites. My problem is with whether google will detect and penalise/not rank me for it. I figured there is literally no chance anyone would have relevant...
  3. metalfingersdoom

    Do web 2.0's get indexed anymore?

    Hey everyone, I'm going to be using some web 2.0's to diversify my backlink profile and am wondering whether or not I'd be better off writing them myself or spamming them with something like GSA. I have heard that they do not get indexed nowadays and I obviously don't want to be writing stuff...
  4. metalfingersdoom

    About to go on my first tiered link building! Couple Questions:

    I will number my questions for the readers convenience, Please correct me if I'm wrong on any part down in the comments, from what I gathered, T1 should be: I get that I should add web 2.0's over here along with the foundation backlinks for diversity. My conversation with a power user at...
  5. metalfingersdoom

    How long should web 2.0's and PBN's age

    I suppose this must be a fundamental question for anyone trying to build any tier of backlinks. I have seen anywhere from 6 months written in guides to people just using GSA SER to spam the shit out of them. I suppose this means tier 2(?) and tier3 should be spammable but tier one must be hand...
  6. bladee4r

    PHP Save info from textbox script

    I had a script like this before, but I lost it. I'm not too good with PHP, can someone provide me a simple script that just collects user input from a text box upon "submit button"? Even if that submit button is a redirect to another page? I tried it myself, but I can't figure out how to...
  7. tazarbm

    [LIST] Web 2.0s

    Hi, I did a bit of house cleaning for these 2 lists of web 2.0s: https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/new-web-2-0-sites-list.1121048/ https://www.blackhatworld.com/seo/list-high-quality-web-2-0-sites-updated.1320730/ After manually going through each one of the websites on these lists over the...
  8. hims.000

    (Discussion) new web 2.0 site list

    Hey lets discuss.. How you manage new web 2.0 site.. A long time ago some web 2.0 site list was posted in this forum.. But no new updates on that post. As new web 2.0 site also come to the internet world. Many of us don't know this. How can we find this. If you search on google new web 2.0...

    15 High DA Web 2 Contextual websites with 3 pages per website, that's 45 pages and more!

    ORDER PAGE HERE for 15 Web 2 http://backlinkbuilderexpress.com/15-high-da-web-2-contextual-websites-3-pages-per-website/ ORDER PAGE HERE for 10 Web 2 http://backlinkbuilderexpress.com/10-high-da-web-2-contextual-websites-with-3-pages-per-website/ ORDER PAGE HERE for 5 Web 2...

    Windows backlink building software for web2 and more. (BETA TESTERS WANTED)

    Hi, I will be launching new windows software soon which builds Web 2.0 backlinks and more. The software contains an article scraper and spinner and is fully featured. The software runs on windows 10 and windows 7 and is ready to be Beta tested. It's been designed with simplicity in mind, and...
  11. Elisa77

    Help Guys! Best Email Provider without Phone No?

    I like to use bunch of web 2.0 so i need many emails as well, so guys please suggest me some best email provider where i don't have to sign up with my Phone Number, because so many numbers are hard to use. Thanks.
  12. udayantha11

    GSA 2nd tier problem

    I have created 20 web 2.0 and 2 pdf sharing and 2 video sharing on youtube GSA problem is should i backlinks to MY pdf sharing links and youtube links as second tier? or only for web 2.0 ( Blogspot , weebly, six)
  13. Hello Fello

    301 redirection

    How to 301 redirect a web 2.0 to money site?
  14. udayantha11

    how to index web 2.0

    i have 5 different gmails. I have created 5 different web 2.0 for those. how to index those? should I log to each webmaster tools and index or anything else?
  15. udayantha11

    Web 2.0 help

    i am going to make 25 web 2.0 for as first tier. I am confused on how to write 50 articles. Each two.. If i outsource it will cost at least 500 usd.. Are there any solutions? Plzzz
  16. K

    Do web 2.0 PBNs with low DA but high PA help seo?

    I am building a web 2.0 pbn that consists of tumblr blogs, all I could find are blogs with DA below 10 but with high PA, would this be helpful or should I look harder to find blogs with higher DA?
  17. sumithykkts

    [newbie] web 2 backlinks

    Hello BHW I'm newbie to Building backlinks When I creating web2 should I used separate email and IP for each web2? Kindly Please share your knowledge thank you
  18. avichal