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  1. K

    If I upload all my blogs of my money site to dozens web 2.0 with tier-links. What will happen? Is it good for my money site?

    If I upload all my blogs of my money site to dozens web 2.0 with tier-links. What will happen? Is it good for my money site?
  2. Gebb

    Is this a good process for web 2.0 properties?

    I've been reading some web 2.0 guides and several threads and I've tried to resume them with the following process: 1. sign up on the web 2.0 platform and verify them, using a different browser and/or proxies when I build several properties in the same platfom (for example 5 properties...
  3. r8guitar

    Indexing Web 2.0 Links

    Hello Everyone! In link building I have noticed lately that it is very difficult to index web2.0 and in my case Blogspot. Since I mostly use blogger accounts for creating blogs on Blogspot. Do you have any suggestion to index them, which is not indexer because I tried to index them, and they...
  4. Loklush

    Looking for 10 high authority web2.0 site list

    Hello guys, Looking for 10 free high authority web2.0 site list All web 2.0 site should be able to add in Google search console in free version It will be great if anyone provide me site list
  5. arplayer2k

    WTB - Contextual backlinks from quality 2.0 type sites

    Looking for quality articles / contextual links either from high DR 2.0 sites that pass the metrics onto sub domains like Bloglovin, Kinja, Wix, MyStrikingly, etc, or quality blog creation on similar sites. A well written article is essential for each link. US English. It doesn't have to be...
  6. mikyadel1

    Can i rank with this Link building strategy ?

    I'm making a new site and targeting keywords with difficulty score of 30-35 " according to Neil Patel tool" My strategy is to create 10 expired high PA web 2.0 manually each with 5 articles " spun content with proofreading" with a couple of article and pdf submissions Do you think this...
  7. wkcalvin

    I am lost in SEO with web2.0 and tiered back links

    Hi I have bought a package with 30 web2.0 and tier 3 back links, the package delivered in OCT 2019, 2 months passed, Google found some back links and anchors, but the SERP is not show in Top 100, all KW is low search and competitive And the web 2.0 looks good as attached picture, all with 2-3...
  8. arplayer2k

    Need good gig with high DA PA blog articles

    Hi, I am looking for a gig that comes recommended for high PA DA 2.0 blogs like medium, with either mini blog sites built out (tiered link building product) or good quality article submissions. Thanks
  9. Vicky Rao

    Web 2 Problem

    I have been making Tumblr Web 2 from a long time but still not able to get it indexed! Suggest some ways and after this, I am thinking to buy GSA Service for some of my keywords on Tier 2. Does it help in ranking improvements?
  10. illumine jr

    How create undetectable DMCA website?

    I want share games, films download links in my website. But some people says that is illegal. How I undetected from DMCA?
  11. mani.dxb007

    Web 2.0 Networks which allow deleted domains to be registered again?

    Hi i want to know what web 2.0 Networks allow registration of expired accounts apart from Tumblr and webs. If someone has a list or something i will be great full if you can share with me.
  12. J

    Web 2 Network.

    All, My client wants to create a Web 2 network. Custom made Web 2 with handwritten articles (No Spun content). Can you suggest anyone good in this field. Thanks.
  13. Giant Marketers

    ✅ [FREE REVIEWS] ✅ High DA PA Web 2.0 With a Quality content

    I'm happy to offer 10 free Reviews Copy For the Jr. VIP Members ( Randomly Pick the Jr. VIP Members) for My Web 2.0 Service Offer Include: 5 web 2.0 with a single content relevant logo, about, contact, privacy policy include Readable Spin content with relevant image+video Condition: After...
  14. Digital Web Zones

    Top 50 web 2.0 submission journey

    Top 50 web 2.0 submission servicess. PM plzzz serious.

    ✅ Free DA-93 Backlink ✅

    Hello dear friends, as you know most Web 2.0 sites give no-follow link. I am here to present you a website which is giving Do-follow link and it have DA 93 right now. You can create free sub-domain website and publish article to get your backlink. The website is: http://www.tripod.lycos.com/...
  16. BeastRoar21

    NEED Web 2.0 Sites List

    Hi, Can anyone provide the list of web 2.0...It will be very helpful. Thanks
  17. A

    Finding web 2.0

    What's the best method of high Quality web 2.0
  18. Giant Marketers

    [Complete Guide] Advance Web 2.0 Backlink Strategy After 2018 Google Update

    Ahoy! Let’s face the truth! We all know at least one fellow marketer who says, Web 2.0 link-building does not work. However, I’m not fascinated by a cat fight but come on bro. I mean, seriously? I’ve seen many of the marketers fail and chitchat about Web 2.0s to people. But what disturbs me...