1. kimomalcolmx

    Warez Related Porn Site, How to Store Videos?

    So this is my first adult related site, it is slightly warez related, The idea is to use content locking on parts of the content, the pictures of the model will be viewable but the videos will be locked, My concern is how and where should I store the videos? as there are lots of videos VPS...
  2. Y

    Cheap warez-linking hosts?

    Hello, i am currently in the decision for looking for a host outside of the US that allows warez-linking, as linking stuff doesn't really take up that much space. The reason why is because I have a warez-linking forum with 100+ members so far since November, but its been on a foreign free host...
  3. konvar

    .movie domain for movie/tvshows site

    It is safe to use .movie domain for this kind of website? A lot of websites are using .to, .io, .tv, .mx etc. Thanks!
  4. P

    It's a warez linking?

    Hey, i know that warez is when you host a file on your website i know also that warez linking is when you're giving a link to a file (Google Drive/torrent/mega.nz etc.) but what about site that don't give a link to a file just to site where you can download it? Thanks For Help And Sorry For My...
  5. AlejandroSu

    Domains .se current situation? Offshore? Bulletproof?

    Hello guys, I have been investigating about current .se domainname current situation but I am not sure about what will happens with them. I have a very good .se domain name and is perfect for warez-linking... but after new European Copyright laws I dont know how I can use it. I saw some posts...
  6. AsianSeller

    How to Sell? | Warez Host And VPS

    Hello Guys , how can i sell in this frum? should i buy Jr Acc? Thanks For your help :p
  7. shiva990

    Which Ad network suits my website ? Need Help

    Hello Which ad network is suitable for warez content? ( Ad-Maven is an option need more suggestions) and how are few warez websites such as https://apkreal.com/ are monetized with Google AdSense?
  8. msyaz

    How to scrape direct file hosting links of specific product keywords on various warez sites?

    Hello there, Anybody here knows how to code a bot/software that automatically scrape direct file hosting links of specific product keywords on various warez sites at the same time? For example, I'm looking for Microsoft office products and I want to scrape all file hosting links(mediafire...
  9. msyaz

    How to automatically scrape file hosting/cyberlocker links from multiple warez sites?

    Hello there, Anybody here knows how to automatically scrape file hosting links related to specific product keywords from multiple warez sites? For example, I'm looking for Microsoft office products and I want to scrape all file hosting links of Microsoft Office products (mediafire, 4shared...
  10. daimaku

    how to drive traffic to warez site?

    hello, i have started to work in a warez forum, and i'm wondering what are the best methods to drive traffic to it. thanks in advance for all the help.
  11. daimaku

    pay per download for warez?

    hello, i'm just wondering if anyone can tell me about a good pay per download for warez files. thanks in advance for all the help.
  12. daimaku

    making money with warez site?

    hello, i'm just wondering if warez can make money these days ? i want to get into these kind of sites, i know i need to get an offshore hosting, also i want to know how to get traffic to the site? thanks in advance for all the help.
  13. D

    [EARN MONEY]Need some writer for a warez linkin site

    hello peopels, i search anyone who want to help me to fill up my warez linkin site. your tasks would be just to copy text from a software description and to paste it into my site with a thumbnail of the software. i would upload all the stuff and give you the links, you just need to put the links...
  14. Willy Fu

    Which hosting best for warez site ?

    Hello, I'm new on this kind of thing, My Question is: 1. Recommend Hosting for warez site ? 2. Recommend VPS/RDP for download & upload file ? Thanks & Regards, Willy Fu
  15. mobikhan

    Thinking of launching a warez linking site. Hosting & Domain Suggestion plz?

    Hi guys, Hope u r doing great. Well I was thinking of launching a website that gonna provide free softwares and games. Please note that I won't be uploading the files directly to my web server but instead some third party file sharing websites. I know it's also kind of illegal but won't effect...
  16. R

    Looking for method to withdraw adsense anonymously!!! Anonymous bank account/anonymous payoneer??

    I made a small bit of money out of monetizing a few tv episodes on youtube so I'm looking for a method to withdraw adsense anonymously, I really need some help with this, I've thought about payoneer but they're asking for bank details on sign up! if anyone knows how to get an anonymous bank...
  17. K

    How rar file password ?

    Hello, I'm searching for days to find a rar file password but can't do it, i have downloaded a file from: nulled-warez.com, but file is password protected.. Any idea will help me alot
  18. M

    Serial key/CD Key search PHP script

    Hello, I own a domain "CDKEYS.XY" I want to start a serial key search database site similar to the ones on the internet now. The designs are simple with a search box. Usually they have thousands of codes/keys/serials. I would like a template or script(php) with database of codes. The more...
  19. Plexle

    Plexle - Bulletproof File Hosting

    Plexle is a place to host your files without worrying about them being taken down. We can't violate our users privacy and look inside the servers to check what they have uploaded. This is none of our business. Website: plexle.ru FAQ What is the maximum upload size? The maximum upload...
  20. bofile

    There any Hosting company support Warez, Software crack, key Content?

    Hey Recently I was face some problem with my software website, like Warez Problem. But Lots of website those are share software crack, key, patch on there website and host link to another File sharing website. So which Host company are best for my software website hosting? Is there best please...
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