uk (united kingdom)

  1. I

    HAF UK regional websites

    looking to get featured on some UK regional websites like MEN, Liverpool echo, Birmingham mail, etc let me know the price And also for Daily Mail, the mirror, the telegraph. Please Let me know if you can do them. NOT looking for overpriced services. Thank you
  2. ImNotYourz

    Anyone know UK news sites?

    Hey Blackhatters I am looking for UK news sites, you write your own content/post on. I am trying a little project to manipulate a news story for shits and giggles. Any suggestions would be great.
  3. J

    experinced uk seller needed to sell used and new phone

    UK ONLY to long term business with. im looking for a experinced uk seller that sells phones on ebay. I buy the phones and you sell them, used or new but will need to discuss this further in person or on here, not anywhere else as too risky doing this all online. i dont have a ebay account and...
  4. S


    Hey I am looking to buy your Vcc I could buy Hundreds every week if you can provide Looking For $3 BTC Per VCC
  5. ajobkisim

    Any UK affiliate person here?

    Hello Recently I am thinking of living in the UK so try to make new UK Friends who work with PPCall or Affiliate marketing. Actually I want to learn and earn when I am in the UK. if anyone, to be honest, please help me out. Thanks and waiting for your message. Milon
  6. aristocratic

    Anyone know this “Social Media Master” from UK

    I came across this instagram profile “@cashmemarketin”. I have know idea how but i was browsing instagram and ended to his profile. This Guy is doing lots of giveaways and claiming to be a media marketing professional. Lots of testimonials claiming that are making money with his “coaching” or...
  7. S

    In need of Guidance

    Hi there. I was thinking about giving a try and ask for guidance here on this great forum since I always found great information about any issues I had before. I am going to relocate myself to the U.K. in a couple of weeks so I am searching for the best (affortable%affective) ways to promote my...
  8. H

    [HELP] How To Get Back On Facebook Ads - After Checkpoint Block

    I have had FB personal account blocked after selfie verification - I had used that one for over 3 years of ad running. Since then i have made about 20 accounts and all one by one get checkpointed and then disabled after 1 - 3 checkpoints. I have made fresh domain, card, pictures, name, and...
  9. Shropdog

    dentist SEO

    i am trying out a new money making idea and have no experience in this niche or in local SEO compared to my normal national tactics. Any advice on how to rank a dentist in the UK, including specialist directories and any other tactics would be amazing, then if this works i will make a thread in...
  10. Future2000

    I need a Invioce/utility bill out of the UK, something like Npower

    Hello! Im new! my name is Future and I've got some troubles with searching a decent Invoice... I need it so i can put my own name on it. I am doing this so I can show "BET365" that im living in the UK (Im from the holland but BET365 isn't allowed there, idk why. greetings, Future
  11. brownrider

    Looking for Alcohol dropship suppliers in UK

    Hi. I want to start an ecommerce website selling low priced alcoholic beverages - beers, wines, spirits etc. The databases I saw required a membership fee and I'm sort of lean on startup capital. Can anyone recommend a dropship supplier based in the UK, does not require a signup fee and can...
  12. R1ckS4nch3z

    Revolut gives free debit card via invitation link

    If you don't know what Revolut is; it's an online banking where you can open a local UK bank account and get paid. PS. If I can find 5 people to sign up and top up at least 10 bucks they will update my subscription for 1 year for free. So if any of you is located in EU and wants to open an...
  13. Bruce Silduk

    [SMMA Journey] I gave up my 50k salary to earn 50k online by the end of 2019 and beyond...

    Hello everyone, finally, I decided to start my journey thread. Goals Plan: Successful London Based SMMA Financial Goal: 50 000£ by Dec '19 Services: 1st Instagram, 2nd Landing Pages 3rd Web Design, 4th Facebook Ads then everything else... 3-6 months to make 1000£ profit (cover my personal...
  14. FailafterFail

    Offline business suggestions and tips needed

    Hello , any ideas how to get more customers for a HairDressing and Nails Salon? Any tips or suggestions will be good , the business is based in UK , London . It's hard to beat the salons with years of existence. Tips for promoting this online ? Campaings ideas ? *I'm promoting already on...
  15. BryanNikson

    [UK only] Easy Startup Cash for Your New Website (?)

    So I recently came across this website I made 10 pounds on by just doing a few offers, it didn't take longer than an hour (although they take a bit longer to pay). I'm pretty sure you could make up to 25 pounds but I'm personally not really from the UK. My friend from the UK shared his card...
  16. geekhob

    How To Get UK Or US Whatsapp Phone Number

    Hello guys, any working means to get a UK or US phone number for whatsapp verification?
  17. hazzi

    Uk music scene (grime,drill,trap)

    what are guys thoughts on uk music like drill and grime I’m loving this right now
  18. AndreiDoesMarketing

    Does anyone know an affiliate program for food / takeaway delivery in U.K. ?

    I have an e-mail list in this niche and can’t find any affiliate program for food delivery like Just Eat, Deliveroo, UberEATS, etc. Please let me know if you know one. Thanks
  19. L

    Dating Leads in The UK

    Hi guys, I am looking for a trustable Dating Leads supplier from the UK. ONLY UK! please reply in PM
  20. T

    UK VAT and Google Adsense Confusion

    Hi people. I live in the UK and am about to hit my VAT turnover threshold. This means I will have to register for VAT. Some of my income comes from Google Adsense. I have looked at the VAT rules for Adsense income and none of it counts for VAT. I will still have to be registered but will not...
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