1. C

    Google Alerts and Twitter

    I'm an idiot but I just realized that Google Alerts doesn't do RSS feeds anymore. That means my twitter accounts that were getting their automatic content from Google Alerts haven't been updated since sometime in July. So I looked for a replacement for Google Alerts and found Talkwalker. I...
  2. azguru

    [METHOD] Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Blog With Twitter

    Driving Targeted Traffic With Twitter Twitter can be extremely powerful for driving targeted traffic to your site and increasing conversions. The best part about this method is that, once it is setup, it will drive traffic on autopilot. I have been using this method for awhile and it is...
  3. pisco

    Facebook banned Twitterfeed?

    Hi guys, i've been using twitterfeed to link a blog's rss feed to facebook fan page wall, and it has been smooth (apart from the fact that the "share" button does it appear is posts), but today all posts made via twitterfeed have just vanished. Checked other fanpages that were using it and the...
  4. coretech

    Some Help Needed - RSS to TwitterFeed

    Hi i need some help because its not very clearly to me yet. If i use twitterfeed it is ok because i grab some rss put them to twitterfeed then i connected it to my twitter account and for result i have interesting tweets to my followers in autopilot. - I use the for url shortern service...
  5. L

    Any way to do this faster??..

    Hey BHW! So, I just want to know if theres a fast way to link twitter accounts to twitterfeed/botize? I have 285 twitter account and it takes forever to link every account to the RSS feed etc. So, Any way to load multiple twitter accounts into twitterfeed?
  6. T

    TWITTERFEED PROBLEMS or maybe some alternatives ???

    i do have a problem with my twitterfeed account the problem is my feed can't post content from my rss blog here it's the problem: Due to 3rd party API issues, temporarily stopped processing service ID 2 (08 Aug 14:29) My question is, 1. it's routine activity from twitterfeed, and how does...
  7. D

    Twitterfeed alternative

    Up until now I've been using TwitterFeed to post my 2 RSS feeds to TW and FB accounts. The problem is that TwitterFeed has lately been unreliable for me. It fails posting RSS updates with no reason (I checked with TF support, but they don't have any good explanation/solution). Long story short -...
  8. thewanderingpen

    Ping.FM and TwitterFeed Work Around

    Hi peeps, My first post here...BUT I have been checking out this website for about 2 years now. Mostly reading and checking out which tools can help. And this culminated into me trying to get a blog up and running. Part of the process is to (1) create Social Networking accounts like Facebook...
  9. I

    RevTwt and Twitterfeed not working?

    Is anyone currently using TwitterFeed to post RevTwt ads? Mine have been showing up as "RevTwt", no ad or anything.. Maybe Twitter is intercepting RevTwt ads that come from Twitter feed. Or I messed something up..
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