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Sep 8, 2010
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Hi peeps,

My first post here...BUT I have been checking out this website for about 2 years now. Mostly reading and checking out which tools can help. And this culminated into me trying to get a blog up and running.

Part of the process is to (1) create Social Networking accounts like Facebook, Friendster, Twitter, etc. (2) link it to my Ping.FM account (3) link my Ping.FM account to my TwitterFeed account which is set to take posts from my blog's RSS Feed every hour.

THE PROBLEM: Ping.FM doesn't work anymore with Twitterfeed. I don't know what fucked up between them...BUT I do know this automated cross posting idea is fucked up.

Any work arounds fellas? I was thinking of using HelloTxt instead BUT the way it posts simply sucks. The links on most of the social and micro blogging sites are inactive and unclickable. Not to mention the accounts I've linked seem to get lost and have to link again.

Is there a service like Ping.FM that would cut it? Or maybe a paid tool that would get the job done? Not the likes of WP Syndicator, which as I have read get the social accounts you made banned.

Really appreciate any help from you guys.

I've found one (half) solution and one full (but paid) solution.

The half solution is using Seesmic which gives you a convenient desktop software client so you can go in and manually post to your whenever you make a new blog post... not automatic, but damn easy.

The full solution is using Hootsuite, which will do EXACTLY what you want it to and can manage multiple blogs and multiple accounts from one place (Seesmic can handle multiple accounts aswell)... but more importantly, it integrates with your blog feed so full automation is possible... the only downside, the "free" version of Hootsuite won't cut it, you need to pay $5 a month for a premium account that will do the job perfectly.
This forum never fails to amaze me. I have been looking for an alternative for months and you solved this problem of mine within a day. Thanks Dima. :D
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