1. B problem

    I normally use when posting updates to sites.:( The problem is once Facebook is enabled in Ping.FM almost all my links are shorturls of That is a problem because for SEO I prefer that the link is But when using that is now not...
  2. cash202

    [METHOD] RSS Social Rank Booster: Step-by-Step Guide

    We all know after all the Panda updates Google is looking at social signals to determine ranking. Everybody and their grandma recommend having some social links strategy as a part of your overall SEO campaign. Since we are on BHW we'll do it fast and automated way using RSS feeds. The whole...
  3. wejee + WordPress? Anyone?

    Does anyone know if there is a way to use to update self hosted WordPress blogs? I've set up some auto-responders to automatically e-mail Facebook, MySpace and Twitter through with updates 4X a day. Is there a way to update WordPress blogs with e-mails? Directly or through...
  4. A

    Blogger Help!!!

    Guyz, I have a blog on blogger. I manually ping the site, bookmark it manually. Is there any way we can automize it? I had been using only wire and also + friendfeed. and it takes time and effort's. :chicken_w There should be a easir way.
  5. thewanderingpen

    Ping.FM and TwitterFeed Work Around

    Hi peeps, My first post here...BUT I have been checking out this website for about 2 years now. Mostly reading and checking out which tools can help. And this culminated into me trying to get a blog up and running. Part of the process is to (1) create Social Networking accounts like Facebook...
  6. D

    ### MySpace, Pixelpipe, SocialADR, Onlywire, Hellotxt Accounts For Sale ###

    Hey Guys, Well this is my first ever service thread on BHW, so i just want to give you guys the maximum i can with the best quality. I have a team with me with whom i provide many services on various forums and this is my first time here. I manly provide MySpace, Pixelpipe, Hellotxt...
  7. R

    Need to register accts on Onlywire and

    I was wonder if anyone has an automated plug in to register all the web 2.0 sites on onlywire and so i can quickly create multiple logins.
  8. U and Pixel pipe

    Hi Here i am providing accounts and Pixelpipe service. Account Creation Service - One IP for each account - One profile photo for each account of each websites. - One confirmed email id and password providing for each account - Each website account will be...
  9. RamChaturvedi Account Creation Service

    Hi Guys, Well is a free social networking and micro-blogging web service that enables a user to post his content to multiple social networks simultaneously. This service will work wonders for the fresh content that appears on your website or blog daily. Using, you can...
  10. S multiaccounter poster

    Hi, there is some pluggin for wordpress that work with various accounts of, same as onlywire multiaccount poster Thanks
  11. T

    [REQ] Backlink Index Express ( + RSS = backlinks)

    I found this interesting looking script and I wanted to see if anybody had tried it or even better, would share it! Not affiliate link: Not exactly sure how it works, but it basically takes your blog posts, uses...
  12. S

    Black Hat Techniques Using FB, Twitter and

    Hello blackhatworld! I need some help with your knowledge about blackhat techniques. If this technique I want to know is already in the forum, please let me know the link. How to use FB or Twitter or (or all of it) in blackhat techniques. Or Blackhat techniques that mostly used of this...
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