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Nov 17, 2010
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Up until now I've been using TwitterFeed to post my 2 RSS feeds to TW and FB accounts. The problem is that TwitterFeed has lately been unreliable for me. It fails posting RSS updates with no reason (I checked with TF support, but they don't have any good explanation/solution). Long story short - I want to replace TwitterFeed.
Now, I also use SocialOomph paid edition to manage automatic updates for my social accounts.

I came across HootSuite, which seems to have all the features that both - TwitterFeed and SocialOomph offer. Looks like it can update your social accounts with your blog RSS and it can manage scheduled updates. Is that true or I am missing something?

It's going to be a piece of project for me, transferring all my social accounts and so on. I would really love to hear your opinion on how You integrate your social account and if you have any best practices.
Thanks grape12.
Do you personally use
How's your experience comparing to TwitterFeed? works very well. It is not as easy to use as Ffeed, but the level of customization and and the reliability is much better. You can also use it to bundle RSS feeds or make mixes of feeds, RT, and change the post date from older feeds. First rate tool.
I personally use

HootSuite + Ping.Fm (No RSS Feed)

For some reason Hootsuite wont update my rss feed...

So, I concluded that this was the best alternative..

HootSuite Makes it capable to schedule posts.

Postperous, & friend feed are within & can extend your network

So, you can manually sync you scheduled blog post, with your scheduled post

It's a lil bit of work, but its worth it :)
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Try using twtzilla, whatever you can do with hootsuite can be done using twtzilla. For BHW members its free! See my sign.
I switched from tf to and haven't looked back.

The features and ability to have sooo many feeds going into so many different accounts (more than just Twitter by the way) makes it a winner in my book.

This is one of the still free services that I'd gladly pay for in a heartbeat.
+1 with dlvr it :). can't believe their beta release is much better than tf
Just discovered .. very similar to Twitterfeed in terms of functionality but found it to be much more reliable, better support and more features. Also free.
dlvr,it works fine. Very smooth. I don't care for their url shortener though but it's no big deal.
also try Tweeps by a twitterfeed alternative, especially when it is stopping service
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