RevTwt and Twitterfeed not working?


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Nov 19, 2009
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Is anyone currently using TwitterFeed to post RevTwt ads? Mine have been showing up as "RevTwt", no ad or anything.. Maybe Twitter is intercepting RevTwt ads that come from Twitter feed. Or I messed something up..
Twitter feed is working, i don't use revtwt, so not sure if its on that end.
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wait, i thought revtwt is only accepting to post through their site (either manual or autopost) and not using neither third party, nor manual tweets outside their system
if you get caught to post outside their system, you'll be banned, at least that was the rule when i used them last
No, they still give you an RSS link to use with feedburner or whatever you choose.. then to twitterfeed. I think that's what i was doing wrong was using their link instead of putting it into feedburner first.
Twitterfeed has never worked for me so I've been using rss2twitter which sucks because it opens all links in their frame. It works though. :-/
mine is working.i use revtwt on twitterfeed.once you filled in the required rss feed url from rvtwt go click on the advance settings and then click the settings and fill in the API login and API key should have a free account in order for you to have an API key.once logged in from your account click your username on the upper right corner of the page (near the sign out link) to find your API key. the API login is your username. good luck:)
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