1. nowicki2013

    Anyone Ever Use Mylikes or RevTwt for CPA Traffic with success?

    What's up Blackhatworld, I was wondering if anyone here has ever used MyLikes or RevTwt or any similar site as an advertiser to get traffic to their CPA offers with any success. I'm tired of tying to use YouTube for traffic since it's to strict in 2014. lol Look forward to hearing your input!
  2. I

    RevTwt and Twitterfeed not working?

    Is anyone currently using TwitterFeed to post RevTwt ads? Mine have been showing up as "RevTwt", no ad or anything.. Maybe Twitter is intercepting RevTwt ads that come from Twitter feed. Or I messed something up..
  3. blackma

    Some extra cash for beginner to intermediate refferal marketers

    Hey. This is really simple and obvious but often overlooked. Find an affiliate programme like revtwt or cashcrate and create an account. Then make another account by signing up under your referral link. This way you get the money you earn and also the money you make from your referral i.e...
  4. warp0011

    How to stop Teeth Whitening Ads in Revtwt

    I'm not sure is it I'm the one who have such problem or I set something wrong. I am using revtwt for making money with Twitter. I have 10 accounts setting up with total of about 20K followers. I set auto post for all the ads. At first I checked the box of enable auto post for all...
  5. C

    Idea of getting extra followers while using Twitter and RevTwt to make money.

    Hello, well I've got an idea. There is an article in this forum how to make income from the Twitter. The topic is called "Constant income from Twitter (VERY EASY)" and link of it is:
  6. blackma

    Is anybody using betweeted?

    Hi there, Just came across a ppc site betweeted that is similar to Revtwt. Has anybody used it yet?
  7. C

    Finally Got Paid by RevTwt thru Paypal ($20). Automated! PROOF.

    Finally got paid by RevTwt! FINALLY, A legit way to make money on Twitter. Even tho it's pennies. haha I was going to post on the other RevTwt threads that were talking about how "RevTwt Doesn't pay", or "RevTwt is a scam!" but I figured I would kill 2 birds w/ 1 stone here. At least we...
  8. E

    SocialSpark anyone using?

    Hey, for all of you making money using twitter Just discovered SocialSpark and was wondering if anyones using it to make money from twitter and also if your using Revtwt along with it. :)
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