How to stop Teeth Whitening Ads in Revtwt

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by warp0011, Jan 2, 2010.

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    I'm not sure is it I'm the one who have such problem or I set something wrong.

    I am using revtwt for making money with Twitter. I have 10 accounts setting up with total of about 20K followers.

    I set auto post for all the ads. At first I checked the box of enable auto post for all categories. After a while I found almost all ads that posted are Teeth Whitening!!

    I then unchecked the "select all categories", only choose a few categories without checked the health category for all my Twitter accounts.

    But still almost all ads posted still are these Teeth Whitening, Do NOT Pay For White Teeth shits.

    I even disallowed it to post any ads if there is no ads available for the categories that I selected but still the Teeth Whitening ghost are posted.

    I think my CTR is too low as I only have 1-5 clicks everyday can be caused by all these Teeth ads. Nobody loves to see Teeth ads keep posted everyday, right?

    I not really want to manually posting ads as this would be labor intensive job.

    Anyone has the same issues or is there any way to stop the Teeth ads?