twitter software

  1. Steve_123

    Best Automated Twitter Software Program?

    Question: Looking for the Best Automated Twitter software program. Have been experiencing very poor results with "Follow Liker" - Almost all Twitter accounts suspended. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks
  2. B

    What software should i use to tweet 100,000 urls per day?

    Please help a brother out!
  3. sweetiepee

    [Reviewers with Case Study Wanted] Traffic League - Twitter Software

    Hi, I am giving away review copies of my software in exchange for testimonials and case study. Testimonials will need to be placed on Blackhatworld and on software Facebook page. This is a Windows PC only software. Send me a private message and I will give you login details for software...
  4. T

    I am looking for feedback on FREE Tweet Eye software

    My colleagues and I have been developing a free software solution called Tweet Eye. We think it is a really useful tool for affiliates and sellers to use on Twitter, could you give it a try? Just paste in your url , it finds photos, and is very easy to put them into scheduled tweets.
  5. C

    At a loss- I need a very specific program and can't find it. Can you guys help?

    I need some Ninja help here. There a program I nee and it's not sold anymore. I was once great of finding the S/N of programs like this. But, alas, many moons have gone by and I'm old. PM for the program name. I was just discontinued this year and for the life of me, I can find a crack...
  6. C

    I need some help choosing the right twitter mass account creator

    Hey there guys, I am new in Twitter and social media I need a software that can create a lot of twitter accounts complete with bio, photos, descreption up to 300k account and will be able to follow it to some other account what software should i buy i need advice from friends and master here...
  7. kittyfranklin

    What twitter software can I use to make 100 accounts follow one user easily?

    Hey everyone, thanks in advance for your tips. I'm wondering if there is a software that anyone knows about where I can add a ton of twitter users, then everytime I want all of those twitter users to follow someone, I simply input the username. Is there software like that? If so I can't find...
  8. Empire007

    Twitter Software Needed

    Hello BHW members; please am desperately in need of a twitter software that auto posts, auto retweets, mass follow, mass unfollow tool, account creation and the rest. I downloaded twitter new world order but it doesn't work. I have heard of tweet dominator; but haven't used it. Please I would...
  9. R

    Best Way to Tweet Older Wordpress Posts

    I'm looking to auto-tweet all of the posts on my pages daily. What's the best way to do this? I have auto-rss tweets but I'm looking to constantly promote old posts too.
  10. N

    Tweet Attacks, Twitter FriendAdder, or Tweet Following

    Just wondering which one is the best software to purchase to get twitter followers, manage accounts, and reply to followers. Has anyone tried all of these? Which was one the best? thanks!
  11. erroronline14

    TWEET ATTACKS The Ultimate Twitter Marketing Software

    Twitter Friend Adder, Mass Unfollower, Tweet Scraper, Reply Generator, Retweet Generator, Tweet Spinner, Tweet Auto Reply, Tweet Auto Poster and Tweet Scheduler with Socialoomph Integration. A Twitter software that knows how to use the web and just the API which is monitored and very limited...
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