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Jul 22, 2012
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Hello BHW members; please am desperately in need of a twitter software that auto posts, auto retweets, mass follow, mass unfollow tool, account creation and the rest. I downloaded twitter new world order but it doesn't work. I have heard of tweet dominator; but haven't used it. Please I would need a good software that would do these things for me very well. Would be grateful for a share.
TweetDemon and Tweet Marketing Robot are the same.

If you like me better than winseosoft, you can check my signature :D
; at u guys is it a crack or ur selling it. Cos looks like a sales page
It is a paid product of course.. No crack for it
Try Sublime_Twitter_Bot its not also free but a free version is here on the forum you will find that..
I lold so hard at twittermarketing robot for 299$ lol
The reviews on his page show how good this product is :D
I have used tweetadder for over a year with no issues. Quite happy with the program!
Dont buy tweetadder. I bought few weeks ago and get a bug in it. Trying to reach support but no body replying very poor customer service.
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