1. CyberXrays

    Tweet visibility

    hi, all BHW members. I found some accounts get some retricted. When I post something, some accounts' posts won't appear immediately in the latest tweets while searching keywords. They usually appear after 1 minute. But my some accounts can instantly appear with same content. Do you know the...
  2. T

    Need Twitter Services

    I'm looking for someone with twitter accounts who can do 5k tweets for me everyday from unique accounts.
  3. J

    Are your tweets getting indexed in Google??

    Lately, I'm seeing google is not indexing my account's tweets (automatically) I've to index them manually. Anyone of you noticed that google is slowly indexing / not at all indexing tweets both automatically or manually?
  4. DuckingOutstanding

    Twitter getting increasingly annoying

    Twitter is getting increasingly annoying to use as a means of promotion - CONSTANTLY misclassifying things, such as guy with the shaved head from the neck up, somebody wearing a tank top and jean shorts, etc as "sensitive content" and placing it behind content warnings which severely limit their...
  5. K

    Followliker - Like Comments ?

    Does anyone know how to set the twitter Followerliker to like (click on that heart symbol) each comment under a Tweet?
  6. survivorghost


    I am trying to run ads on Twitter for the first time since I found more of my audience on Twitter than Facebook. When I create a campaign, I can't find my tweets when I reach the creative section. I search google and tried all the answers like change browser, disable adblocker... Nothing...
  7. TwitchPro

    [BRONZE METHOD] Aggressively market to Twitter audiences for $5 per 2000 tweets

    Not sure if this method exists, but it is a lot of fun and great for newbies. Basically, is a site people use for likes and engagement but it's got a secret method that can be manually done or botted. If there's interesy I might share an iMacros script so everyone can do it. So...
  8. S

    Some Twitter Magic Problems. Need Some Advice. Thanks

    Hi, people! Need some help, because i broke my head. Situation: There was a twitter account, 2-3 tweets a day. I abandoned it. I returned after a couple of months - tweets are gaining 30,000 - 40,000 views per day. Started tweeting again. The number of views dropped to 15,000, then to 10,000...
  9. M

    Is my twitter target only my local?

    When I tweet with hash tag, will it be only my local area seeing it? I don't target my local audience. If that so, how can I target other area?
  10. B

    [Q] How to find tweet rank/positing in a trending hastag

    Hi guys Is there a way to know about our own tweet rank position in trending hashtag? Most of the time its so much difficult to find my own tweet under trending hashtag i have to keep scrolling on to check out my tweet position. So my question is is there any simple method to...
  11. AnoniX

    Tweets with links vs. without links

    After a year growing on Twitter I make the experience, that tweets without links are better performing than tweets with links. Do you got the same stats? I don't know if the Twitter algo don't prefer links or people are less likely to share tweets with links. At least if someone would ask me...
  12. L

    How to create "tweet for web"

    This person added a link to his twitter video, and i realized he was using "twitter web app" How can i tweet like this? I already tried the call to action button but it didn't show the link on my tweet.
  13. L

    Any smm panel for this?

    I want a panel that can send some amount of likes to my tweets. If anyone knows any panel for this, please help me out.
  14. SeveredHead

    Twitter Masters

    Are they any twitter masters here? Anyone that can provide retweets to large networks? I had a person for it once and I lost their contact. They retweeted me out to millions of people. Also, are Tweetdecks officially dead? Or are there people still doing that? I feel like the talk around...
  15. info.seeker

    How many Tweets per day?

    Guys, is there a limitation for tweets per a day? how many tweets can you send out safely? like to know your experience about this. Thanks
  16. mainceaft

    I'm developing TW tool that's lack few feature

    I made it for a customer two years ago where he ca add multiple accounts (using TW API), upload tweets (from text file ) and scheduler tweets with time gap , and that's it . BTW I develop it using PHP and to work on web hosting (not from laptop etc) ,but few months ago I tweak it to work on...
  17. M

    [NEED]Twitter tweet from high followers account

    Hi, I need to hire 20 people with high followers twitter account to tweet/retweet a link for me. Payment method: Paypal Please respond here or inbox me with your offer. Thank you
  18. whitewar2001

    Mass Tweet

    Is mass tweet from multiple accounts(like say 300) still ok on twitter. Like how Wizard04 did years ago in his journey. Tweet links but make them unique. Anyone still doing it?
  19. tregoal

    Twitter oAuth follow, like tweet and retweet it

    Im looking for someone who can build a script for twitter, in order if someone opens it to follow my page, like my tweet and retweet it. Can someone do this task?
  20. V

    Looking for someone who can solve Tweet Attacks Pro 4 Errors

    Getting a lot of network and unknown errors when running my TAP4 tasks. Anyone who is experienced with this software let me know. Error solutions will be compensated.
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