At a loss- I need a very specific program and can't find it. Can you guys help?


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Sep 7, 2010
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I need some Ninja help here. There a program I nee and it's not sold anymore. I was once great of finding the S/N of programs like this. But, alas, many moons have gone by and I'm old.

PM for the program name. I was just discontinued this year and for the life of me, I can find a crack. Looking for these things in these days are like playing with fire. Every site wants a downloader and I never get to where I need.

Great opportunity to Teach me again. Don't just give me what I ask for, educate me on how to find this information in todays land-mined filled web.

That what these forums are all about, sharing what we know!!
Thanks! The forums have been a lifesaver for an old programmer like me. Thank you!!
Yes this forum is about sharing so don't be shy, speak up, tell us what you are looking for and there will be more chance of someone helping you. No need for all the cloak and dagger nonsense, no need to PM you, just speak up.
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