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  1. Steve_123

    Best Automated Twitter Software Program?

    Question: Looking for the Best Automated Twitter software program. Have been experiencing very poor results with "Follow Liker" - Almost all Twitter accounts suspended. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks
  2. S

    Publish to multiple twitter accounts

    Hi, how i can update status of multiple twitter accounts from php? My idea is update various twitter accounts when i created a new post in wordpress, and the plugins that do it (in single account) need to create the application key in each account, and i want manage 1000 twitter accounts for...
  3. Malachute

    Alternative to Twitter Poster?

    Since the creator of Twitter Poster has not released (or will ever?) an updated version of his/her plugin, do you guys use any other alternative that automatically follows new people according to tags you can set in the options? Or is there a simple way to add OAuth ourselves? :)
  4. babypar

    Wordpress Twitter Poster Plugin

    For those of you who have used my wordpress plugin for posting each post to your twitter account, I have put up a new version. The plugin will automatically add friends on every post, and a number of these will follow you in return, but twitter prevents you adding more friends if you have added...
  5. X

    Automate Twitter 100% FREE.Awsome Service

    Found a really sweet service to automate twitter.It has alot of functions and they have a paid service with more features.I'm sure it will be useful to alot of you twitter users. Give thanks.....Peace Out.
  6. X

    Direct Message Hack For Twitter

    I found a sweet way in my journeys today for sending Direct Messages on Twitter.I'm most of you already knows this,but for those who don't,here you go. To send a DM to a non-follower in Twitter,you have to ?derive? their DM URL to create a DM message. Here?s the syntax...
  7. babypar

    Twitter poster for wordpress

    I don't know if this is the right place or not, but I've developed a plugin for wordpress which automatically posts a tweet to twitter when a new post is published, it uses the post title and appends the post URL. Just enter the twitter username/password into the settings->Twitter Poster page...
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