Direct Message Hack For Twitter



I found a sweet way in my journeys today for sending Direct Messages on Twitter.I'm most of you already knows this,but for those who don't,here you go.

To send a DM to a non-follower in Twitter,you have to ?derive? their DM URL to create a DM message. Here?s the syntax

Code:<twitter username>

Here, you have to replace the <twitter username> with the twitter id of the person to whom you wish to send the DM. For example, to send a DM to me, you would use the following link


If this is useful hit the thanks.
tells me you cannot send direct messages to people who are not following you , who knows ...
Sorry guys....Twitter found it out and disabled it....Mods can you disable this thread?
it's working but is there any way to send a message to all your followers?

Other than logging into Twitter and posting an update?

Are you looking for something in URL form? I don't think a URL posting to all followers exists. I'm sure a program coudl be hacked together using the Twitter API.

Maybe I'm not understanding the request... ?
i was thinking of an online service to do this, or something like sending a message to all new followers , that would be good too
anyway the direct message link is working and i was thinking of a script that list all your followers, then add each of them at the end of the dm link and send them a predefined message
I don't personally think anyone reads DM's if you're adding people you get too many to keep up with. I only read @ replies.
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