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Jan 19, 2007
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I don't know if this is the right place or not, but I've developed a plugin for wordpress which automatically posts a tweet to twitter when a new post is published, it uses the post title and appends the post URL.

Just enter the twitter username/password into the settings->Twitter Poster page and thats it.

I hope some of you find this a helpful tool and provide some feedback, some of the features I want to add in the future are - automatically adding friends that are interested in your subject, customizing the post content and auto pinging the twitter feed.

To install:
1. Unzip the archive file to your <Blog>/wp-content/plugins dir.
2. Activate the "Twitter Poster" plugin in your website's plugin administration page.
3. Navigate to the "Settings" ~ "Twitter Poster" administration page and set your twitter username and password


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How is this different from the plugin that you get from Twitter?
Not a lot at the moment, I just wanted to get an idea if this was useful for people before I do adding friends, pinging feeds etc.
keep up the development im sure if you add some nice features people will use it... as the great man once said "if you build it they will come".
OK, this is version 2,
this will post all new updated posts to your twitter account but it will follow a number of users related to your subject.

On the settings page save your twitter account details, enter the number of users you want to add for each post, and enter the tags which will be used to locate relevant users. The tags should be broad comma separated list of tags e.g.
weight,diet,weight loss,lose weight

I am currently using this and it works great


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Here's a question for you...

I have caffeinated content installed and when I post into the future with it, the Twitter plugin (that you get from Twitter) won't update my account with these posts. Will yours do that? Just wondering if you have tested this at all? Thanks.
I haven't tested with that, but I will check it out. Currently I'm working off the publish_post hook, I know there is a future_post but I'm not sure how it operates.

I will let you know when I figure it out
Here is version 2, it will do the following

1. Tweet all your posts/updates to your twitter account
2. Add X num of friends every time you post - you specify how many on the settings page
3. Pings the Twitter RSS feed for your tweets to the ping list specified in your wordpress setup

It will add a promotional link to the end of every 5th post you make, a bit like PingCrawl. I use this on an automated blog setup to autopost certain Google Trend posts

Let me know how if works for you and any additional features that would be useful


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Excellent works a treat

The about this plugin shows V1 when I have V2

Can you explain where the promo link will appear? On twitter or WP or both?
The about should have been updated to v2, I'll do that now, the promolink will appear as small text at the bottom of the 5th post and as a seperate tweet (again on the fifth post). I'm hoping to add other features like multiple accounts, groups and direct messages soon.

I'll share it when its done
Another update, the sponsored tweet is now optional and the plugin works with PHP4. Everything else is the same

Its version 2.0.6


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Are the people blind? This is nice share! I won't work twice anymore with this plugin. More posts will be more twitter followers. Wow great. I luv it Man!!!
This is brilliant man thanks. just wandering have you ever thought of putting a mod in so people could see you are on twitter and click follow button to follow you.

But really thanks
It doesn't work anymore. Doesn't post my WP articles to twitter anymore. Guess I need your advice.
please can you make this plugin post from categories and post with/without links.

Thanks for your generosity!
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