Automate Twitter 100% FREE.Awsome Service



Found a really sweet service to automate twitter.It has alot of functions and they have a paid service with more features.I'm sure it will be useful to alot of you twitter users.


Give thanks.....Peace Out.
I have found it to suck large balls.

"Service: There is currently an issue with the Twitter API that is severely affecting tweet publishing, following, direct messages, and even adding or editing Twitter accounts. Please read this blog post for more info. Apologies for the inconvenience."

NONE of my auto direct messages have been sent. Thanks to flashtweet for being amazing - but no thanks to tweetNEVER that screwed up on sending DM's to over a 150 new followers.

My 2cents
TweetLater is good when it is stable -- which has been about 20% of the time over the past week or more.

Twitter has hit critical mass and cannot deal with the load -- even though they are attempting to use EC2.

TweetLater, in the words of Jonesers, does suck balls right now.

When fixed it should quite helpful -- just don't know when that will be.
The Twitter API is pretty simple... Just do a little PHP coding and your all set...

I'm way against auto-DM's, they just don't add anything for me. But for all other functions I just roll it up in some PHP and run it to do whatever for you.

Alternately, you can use another free service (limited by Twitter's API's) but pretty good.

auto-DM's work well if you plan to churn and burn an account.

Churning and burning is a good short term startegy that may make you a couple of $$.

I still think that establishing identities *now* on twitter will pay off for a long time going forward.

Twitter will start culling accounts that don't meet certain criteria(on), but it will be some time before that happens.
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