twitter ads

  1. OwnagePrank

    Do i need a unique type of Twitter account to make ads ?

    Hi, I'm trying to make Twitter ads for my first time ever, So i'm using my personal account! when it comes to "Creatives" step, It gives me this page : I already have many tweets in my account, Any idea how to pass this step or why it looks...
  2. B

    Twitter Ads + Ad Arbitrage Still Works

    Years back I loved Twitter. Once I started getting a handle on FB Ads, I started neglecting Twitter. While FB still does ok for me, it doesn't do as well as it use to (for me at least). So I started going back to Twitter (Twitter Ads that is) & must say, not only has their targeting improved, so...
  3. Sophie Lee

    Twitter Ads(Please help.)

    My Twitter Ads account was able to access. Twitter: Access disabled We’ve found that your account is not compliant with our policies for Promoted Products and have disabled access to your Twitter Ads account. Please know that you will no longer be able to advertise on Twitter and may not open...
  4. Azertber

    Social media marketing !

    Hello guys, Can anybody describe each platform with the best niche to target in ads ! Thank you
  5. crystalwiz

    Conversation rate experience: Facebook ads vs Twitter ads vs Adwords ads

    Hey guys Which of these give you the best sale conversion rate and what do you sell in with the advertisement? Facebook advertisement Twitter advertisement Google Adwords a.k.a Google ads In particular, has anyone have success with Twitter ads and what did you sell with ads on Twitter...
  6. F

    Twitter Shoutouts oder ADS?

    Hey Guys, i run a Twitter Account to promote the Pornhub Profile of my Gf and me and would like to have some more attention and also more interaction. Would you prefer a shoutout from a big page or the Twitter ad program? Thanks in advance
  7. crystalwiz

    [Experience] Do You Use Twitter Ads?

    I just wanted to be sure before going to splash money on Ads. I have read articles on Google but I need to read real experience from BHW. This is not about bot, Jarvee or anything like that, please. I am talking about the official Twitter ads. I see potential in Twitter for my blog and sales...
  8. J

    Am I Doing It Right? Fiverr Gig Promotion Twitter Strategy

    Hi! I am a video editor who just made a few Gigs on Fiverr, such as subtitling, video editing, youtube video editing etc. I think I will focus on youtube related gigs so it makes it easier to market. I have two questions First one Do you think that the niche I chose (youtube) is a good one...
  9. C

    Anyone else say SCREW Twitter Ads? $23k later, I DO.

    Hey there, I've been known a bit in on here for some expertise in Social Media Ads. I have spent over $20k in advertisements on Twitter and I am curious, does anyone else have terrible responses? I have succeeded very well in Facebook, Google, Instagram etc. But Twitter is literally the only...
  10. KORO22

    List of Paid Traffic Sources

    I was looking for Paid Traffic Sources, but unfortunately, I can't find them on BHW. I decide to do my own list. If you know good Paid Traffic Source you can share it with us here! Let's begin! PPC or Pay-Per-Click Google AdWords Bing Ads Yahoo Gemini Baidu Yandex Advertising Social media...
  11. Arif Rumel

    How I can Ads in twitter of my Amazon Products

    How I can Ads in twitter of my Amazon Products?
  12. F

    Twitter ads bid

    i want to ask about Bid .... what the difference between the cheap one and the expensive one??, ... like 0.01 per click or 0.1 per click or more
  13. N

    Promoted Trends in Twitter

    How to set Promoted Trends in Twitter? In Twitter ads I couldn't find the option where to set Promoted trends? Please help.
  14. Loadzz

    Is it worth using Facebook and Twitter ads?

    Hello, Quick question, is it worth the money if i use Facebook and Twitter Ads to grow both my social media pages? How do you normally grow your pages for targeted users? I own a UK entertainment website, so i can target a lot of followers on both pages, so i guess using the Ad services...
  15. socialseos

    Anyone have success with Twitter Ads?

    I am thinking about creating a campaign and was wondering if anyone has had success running them. I am on the fence because I know a lot of people dont actually visit twitter and its usually all automated. So what can I expect when running twitter ads targeting with keywords? Also if you have...
  16. kideze

    Has anybody tried Twitter ads yet?

    I have done a couple tests and it seems to work fairly ok. Things I've noticed: Use different copy then you use on your other social networks because it is a different audience. Also use images, they increase your chances of getting people to act on your tweet. Also heard that if you ask...
  17. S

    Selling tweets

    I was wondering if their was a way to set up my own little webpage for a twitter account i have where the people on twitter can go onto it and simply type in some text into a box and pay like $1 to tweet it and it gets tweeted out my twitter account. I know of some ad websites that offer this...
  18. thewanderingpen

    Opening Of Twiitter Ads To Public - How It Wil Impact IM?

    Hi Guys, I won't pretend to be on the cutting edge of IM (more of IT & B2B sales guy). But I just stumbled upon this news item: hxxp:// Twitter Ads (used to be invite-only) is now publicly open. I'm sure the experts here will come up with a method or two to squeeze...
  19. ljt3759

    Twitter Army + Pay4Tweet Passive Income

    There's quite a few sites that let you rent your twitter, so to speak. Someone will pay you something like $2 to tweet something on your page. The amount you earn per tweet depends on how many followers you have. Here's the most popular site I've found, loads of celebrity's use it: Affiliate...
  20. jsnow

    My Twitter service - exchange tweets

    So I've seen how people make their own services here and I too have decided to give it a go. I sometimes need to get a link out there fast, get some feedback or perspective. Twitter is the place to go for me in these cases, but I only have 5k active followers with a 100 of them actually being...