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  1. Any Bill

    ✅✅✅ ANYBILL – Trusted Anonymous Cards to pay for ADS ⭐️⭐️⭐️ Without KYC ❤️❤️❤️

    -------------------------------------- Have any questions? Ask us there! Support 24/7: @anybill_support Site: We refund money from your cards to your balance with no additional payment You do not pay for maintenance and opening of the first card --------------------------------------...
  2. BradyX

    How do I promote someone else's Twitter account from my Twitter as account?

    How do I promote someone else's Twitter account from my Twitter as account? I searched on Google, however, could not find any good tutorial. The only one I found was related to making a developer profile on Twitter. Is it the only way to do that?
  3. web3venture

    ⭐️Trusted Virtual Card Issuer (VISA) ⭐️ (Top up your card balance in USDT and FIAT.)⭐️

    Virtual cards are suitable for paying for advertising campaigns, subscriptions, plane tickets, hotels, and other online purchases. Issuance of virtual cards for any task: - Payment for advertising offices: Google, Facebook, TikTok - Payment for any online services: Dropbox, Netflix, Zoom...
  4. 4

    HAF Twitter Ads Marketer

    We are looking for our projects a Twitter Ads marketer. Someone who has run dozens of successful Twitter Ads and campaigns. And know exactly how to advertise the most efficient way. With the best ROI. Niches are crypto/ Web3 and later on adult (don't know for sure if you can advertise that on...
  5. I

    Is there anyone who uses twitter social account for earning

    Is there anyone who uses twitter social account for earning and not using ads? I would like to run some test on any of your accounts if you you'd be so kind. You can still use it after im done. Ill even get u blue tick if it means something to your approach
  6. Grudge

    Hiring: Run Gray/Black hat TikTok / Twitter Ads

    Hi, We're interested in hiring someone with a lot of experience running Gray/Black Hat Ads on TikTok or Twitter. The ad budget will be small to start with. After we see that the ads are successful and we're getting sales, we can increase the budget as much as needed. If you're interested, send...
  7. BradyX

    Has anyone used Twitter ads to get 1000+ Followers?

    I want to know anyone used Twitter ads to get 1000+ Followers? What kind of money you spent on it? And is twitter ads easy for someone who has not ever run ads on twitter
  8. I

    Change twitter ads geo or timezone

    Anyone no da wae to change twitter ads geo or time zone if it was already set before? Im pretty sure it's not possible but still maybe
  9. I

    Twitter ads "spy" service

    Is there any ad "spy" services that can help me check competitors approaches besides weak Ads Repository?
  10. I

    Twitter ads campaign pending

    Hey. I take new fine account. Launch a campaign and when it spends about 20$ campaign gets "pending" and stops. Any solutions how to fix it?
  11. CyberWizard

    ✅ Twitter Ads Account Comes With Blue Badge ⭐ $1000 Threshold ⭐ Fast Delivery ✅

    Hello BHW We provide Twitter Ads Account that Comes With Blue Badge There is ⭐ $1000 Threshold ⭐ ✅ Fast Delivery 2 hours - 48 hours ✅ What you get: Twitter account with blue badge Twitter ads account 1000$ spending threshold AdsPower account to log in safely Price: 300$ Policy: No refund...
  12. V

    Google Threshold & block chances

    1- Is it risky for the brands to use threshold accounts like Google, Twitter, facebook etc? If I create ads in the threshold account that point to my money website; when a threshold is reached and the next payment is not done - will Google ban my money website on Google Ads? How does it work...
  13. A

    My twitter ads campaign directly halted

    I publish ads on twitter for 5-6 months ,this is the first time I encounter such a problem. When I publish the ads as reach ads without entering a link, they run, but whenever I add a link to the campaign, it gives a halted error as soon as the ads are published. Whats the solution of this...
  14. I

    Looking for dating affiliate program. Have lots of traffic

    Hey im using smartlink from lp and now looking for main dating "offer". Priority is Canada soi 8$+ please hmu if you have any info of where can i find it. Thanks in advance
  15. Openpaycard

    ❌ No More Money Spending ➡️ Twitter Ads Account with $500 Ads Spend ✅ Quick Delivery ✅ Discount Available

    Hey everyone! I'm thrilled to share our latest offer for Twitter ads. Imagine boosting your business on Twitter and all you pay is $120 for a $500 ad spend! Features: Works for every type of business. Comes with a robust payment system. Includes a history of past advertising and spending...
  16. L

    I can't input Twitter payment details for Twitter Ads

    Hey guys. I want to post promoted tweets like this(down below) as a link form but the problem is I was stuck in giving payment methods and I've tried many cards already and they're all invalid. Is there a fix for this or is this some sort of bug. If there's anotherway of inputting payment...
  17. Matron

    ➡️ Live Twitter Ads Account with $1000 Ads Spend ✅ Twitter Ads Account Bulk Order & Discount Available!

    Hello Everyone! We are excited to introduce our new Twitter ads service. With this service, you can promote your business on Twitter with a $1000 credit. You can use this service to promote any type of business in order to get leads or sales. You can buy the product for $400 from our service...
  18. W

    It worths invest in Twitter Ads nowdays to promote Affiliate marketing products

    I have this doubt about if it worth the investment. It worths invest in Twitter Ads nowdays to promote Affiliate marketing products? Anyone got profit with it?
  19. Caviston

    ⭐Enable Your Twitter/X Ad Revenue Program ⭐| Minimum Requirements | SUPER FAST TAT ⭐

  20. LifetimeCharger

    Twitter Ads Verification?

    Hey guys, i am currently having a problem with twitter. I bought Twitter Blue for my Account for around 10$ per month and went to Twitter Ads a few hours later. I am getting the message: "Only verified advertisers can run ads on Twitter. Click here to get verified." When i go to that site, i...
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