twitter ads

  1. S

    Need Sponsored Twitter and Facebook Posts

    I am looking for sponsored tweets and Facebook posts. I need immediately to start a campaigns. Only USA followers or friends. Please PM me with your account link and pricing per tweet or post or mass package. I shall do a 1 week campaign and please real followers or friends only. I am new here...
  2. jass11

    How to get american twitter followers

    Hi i am new to this forum but i am reading this forum for a while now it has motivated me a lot i need to know how to get american twitter followers i need them for twitter advertising like i dont want to get them from twiends, Twiends followers are useless any help...
  3. J

    Make your first few bucks a month (only for newbie)

    It?s my first post here! Some of you may already know, it?s an advertising platform where you can post sponsored tweets on Twitter and get paid for each click. I was making around $40/month with one of my twitter account and MyLikes suspended my account when I tried to open...